Voiceover of your life…

Ok, brought to mind from another thread… you have lived your life and they are making a documentary for you… they have all your mental footage of the key events and reference materials from your nearest and dearest. An expert script writer is working with you, so it won’t sound like drivel… only the voice over to be sorted, both Attenborough and Freeman are busy… who do you get to narrate?

Interesting question.

I’ve decided - for the moment - on Shaun EVANS (plays “MORSE”) for a number of reasons…

  • rich voice and range
  • like me, born in LIVERPOOL (yeah, I know, a 'kin scally!) but not defined by birthplace
  • appears to “live” his roles so would, I think, invest some of my all-consuming passion for motorcycles, and in particular Triumphs, into the task

Brian Griffin, with asides and additional observations by Stewie.


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My Lovely wife Beth, Welsh is her first language and she speaks english with such a strong accent that when we travel, English speakers can’t understand her at first, I love seeing their reactions when they suddenly tune in :joy:

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This guy…

Not the most intelligable monologue but he certainly hits all the narrative beats.

Giving due consideration to my achievements and special talents, plus being a bit of a northern bloke… I feel that Johnny Vegas could pull off the due gravitas required to narrate over such a dignified and enlightened lifespan as mine…



I’m still giving this some thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Yours is easy @Wessa
Barry Gibb :grin::grin::grin:

Yes that could definitely work @Andyc1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Not without a seance…