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I hope the electioneering title isn’t an immediate deterrent to reading this message - it’s got SFA (Sweet Fanny Adams) to do with elections; politics, politicians or any of that kind of sh…tuff so do, please, read on and consider.

“Movement For Good”

runs campaigns in which charities can be nominated to receive awards which are dependent on the volume of votes they receive.

Many of you will know that, earlier this year, I started volunteering for South West Blood Bikes - there’s a ermmmmm … “short(!) story” buried deep somewhere in the labrynth of the forum’s pages and it describes some of my very earliest experiences of blood bike riding. I’m still absolutely LOVING doing what I’m doing for SWBB, be that riding; standing rattling collection pots at local bike meets, or just the mundane but necessary washing the inevitable mud and sh!t from the Beemer I’m currently riding! There’s something peculiarly special and satisfying about leaving wet foot prints from tramping down a hospital corridor at 11 o’clock at night on a cold, wet winter’s evening with a Daniel’s Box in hand stuffed with URGENT blood samples for the Path Lab!! No, really, I DO mean “special”.

Anyway, in the last campaign run by Movement For Good SWBB received £1,000 and that same amount is available again in their latest campaign draw, but, getting that award might be dependant on how many votes we receive to go forward into the draw so your vote IS important.

As a matter of interest, the South West Blood Bikes charity is 100% funded by donations and sponsorship … nobody in the charity is paid for any of the work they do - from the Charity’s chairman to the many volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the charity, and the bikes and cars it operates, in a fit state to carry out the vital work we do on behalf of our local NHS.

SOUTH WEST BLOOD BIKES is charity number 1180510 and is a HEALTH charity.

Thanks for taking the time reading this and, if you do wish to vote and it’s for SWBB - THANK YOU!


Done, keep up the good work. :+1:

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Also done. Good luck and well done for getting out there on those cold, wet nights.

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Done :+1: …….

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Thank you all so much! Very much appreciate you taking the time and trouble of doing this on my/our behalf!

Cheers guys - first round must be on me?

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Yep, done :+1:

Done, keep up the good work :+1:

Thanks a million BIG MAN. Much appreciated!

:+1: :+1:

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Geoff - huge thanks for the signature and support.

I’m doing my best to keep it up and have part 2 of "A day in the life of a Blood Biker … " to publish (with a bit of editing necessary for clarity) to submit if it’s not considered TOO gauche and self-serving!

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Just voted. Well done for your efforts.

Done. Keep up the good work.
I might volunteer again one day - but it’s bloody cold up here sometimes and I don’t have a heated seat anymore!

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Done too :+1:

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Added my name to the list, well done.

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Done. Excellent cause.

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You’ll just have to tuck the warmth of human kindness down yet trousers. :grin:

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@Dave49 ; @stevelovatt ; @Littleade ; @Octoberon ; @Vulpes

Gentlemen, thank you each & ALL for your votes; your kind thoughts and words and for all the encouragement.

I’ll definitely apply my very best endeavours to the ongoing task and will keep in mind your kind thoughts and encouragement when I’m next tasked with venturing out onto Devon’s wet and muddy roads - and that’s likely to be quite soon as I’m rota’d on duty as second rider until 0700 tomorrow!!

Co-incidentally, there was a team ‘social meeting’ yesterday (Friday) evening where the Group got together for a review of the past year; a look forward to next year and the presentation of some very special awards. I’ll try to get the more salient facts and figures from the presentation and summarise them - they make for some interesting reading.

Again, my sincere thanks to you all for taking the time to support us. It means a LOT to me, personally, to have such great support.