Wally moments

Well, a combination of comedy, anger, stupidity and petrol fumes…
100% true story.
I arrived at the shell petrol station to fill up as usual, nothing wrong there.
I usually sit on the bike when filling up so I did. I also had the shoei flipped up so my face was visible. Been going there for years.
Took off the fuel cap (keyless ) and put it on the side, helmet flipped up, sat on bike and waiting for the attendant to start pump. So far, so good.
Tannoy comes on “please get off of the bike” so I did. Still waiting…
“please remove your helmet” comes through. It’s an f?ing flip up ffs!!!
So, i put the pump handle back and think “f it, i’ll go else where” so give her a 2 finger salute (yes, childish.)
I then get on the bike, then my left foot slips and down she goes…
I pick the bike up and rather sheepishly ride off.
I stop around the corner to asses the damage (as per pic) and get back on the bike.
2-3 miles later, I can smell fuel… Sod it, I forgot to put the tank cap back on so I have to go back to the garage and get the cap back…
Another red face moment when walking to the pump after i’d parked up…

And your wally moment is…?


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