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We have been in contact with a company making a programme for ITV to be aired on 2nd Feb

The subject is parking

One of our members made contact with the production company asking that they should cover issues faced by motorcyclists as well as car drivers.

Colin Brown spoke to the producers to explain the issues around motorcycle parking, and the company have decided that they do wish to include some content on motorcycle parking. Colin explained issues with security, lack of spaces, motorcycle bays that are simply awkward corners where cars don’t fit, and the trials of car parks that allow you to park in car bays leading to conflict with drivers who don’t think you should use car spaces. The producers seem to be focusing largely on the conflict between drivers competing for ever fewer parking bays rather than the policy decisions leading to the problem, but they do want to cover motorcycling and would like to film one or two riders with stories to tell.

The below is their exact wording:

I’ve spoken with my colleague who’s producing this programme and we’re definitely interested in hearing more about motorcyclists who have had issues and altercations after having to park in a car sized bay.

The story you mentioned on the phone about motorcyclists who have had cars drive into their bikes or had people wheel away their vehicles was particularly striking.

Do you think you could do a bit of a call out to see if any motorcyclists who have experienced something like this would be happy to speak with us? It would be great to have a motorcyclist perspective in the programme.”

If you are interested in being involved in the program the window is relatively small (next two weeks) please contact the researched directly: Liz Fox - liz.fox@multistory.tv

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