Waste of a trip?

Well,a weekend in wales and the only photo i took?
This sad effort at the m5 services…

Ps, my helmet is on the rhs


Reminds me of Hesco Bastion last seen by me in less than safe circumstances; is there often a requirement to defend the M5 services I wonder? :thinking: :laughing:.


The Welsh could invade at any time.

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If this was a brick enthusiast forum, that picture would have a dozen ‘likes’ by now.


Ps, as funny, that rucksack opened up at 90mph (on a40) and kev (tiger 800) got smacked in the head by a shoe/sandal when behind him.
Pissed ourselves laughing of course and zero sympathy for the loss of socks, skids and shoes by ray.
Serves him right for riding a ditch pump!


I learnt many years ago that if you ride with a backpack then make sure you zip it up to the side and not the top. Dodging traffic on the autobahn trying to retrieve your belongings is not a good game :rofl:

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There’s a new reality tv show in there somewhere.


Top travel tip right there…

Rumour has it that he had a cravette in there too that flew out.
Truly wtf but he’s a mason so who knows!

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