Wednesday Rideout to Squires

Should anyone be in riding distance of Squires I may be found there this evening, taking advantage fo the weather. Pictures to come, eithr way. I suspect one or two bikes may have the same idea tonight…


Have fun!!


Yep have fun……

It’s Rachel’s birthday and we were planning to head out in the bikes but we ended up at the Whippet & Pickle in Holmfirth (been there before - highly recommended). Squires will have to wait for another day.

Say happy birthday to Rachel for us all… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will. Thanks, Steve. :grin:


Ah Rachel has her own account - now noted. Happy birthday @Motopulcino :birthday:

She has, although getting her to use it is another matter. This is what happens when you’re already a member of two other bike clubs. :grin: