Weekend maintenance

I’ve had several reports this week of people not getting on to the forum with some of their devices, while others work ok. One, maybe two, can be put down to local issues but I suspect there may be an underlying, intermittent problem retrieving information via the content delivery network, which provides additional security and performance.

Anyway, details not important but I’ll pull the drains up this weekend. While I’m at it, I’ll also be testing the process for swapping the live forum over to our other server for resilience.

I will probably need to take the forum offline at times as part of these activities but I’ll try to do it at times when we don’t usually see much traffic to minimise disruption and keep the downtime to a minimum. I’ll post notices on the forum, X (Twitter), Mastodon and Bluesky to let people know when it is going offline and when it’s back. If you don’t see any of those, or have questions or problems, email admin@triumphmotorcycleforum.com. Incidentally, that’s the best way to get help outside the forum at any time. I don’t monitor other forums.

Even if the forum is up you may experience a few glitches depending on what I’m doing in the background. Feel free to report them if you want some reassurance.

Most importantly, there’s no risk to your posts and content from this work. The forum is backed-up every night but I’ll also be taking one before changing anything. The entire forum could be rebuilt from scratch in a few hours if necessary, that’s always been the case.

Lastly, if anyone here is an AWS expert please raise your hand, I may have questions you can answer. :grin:


That’s what my Mrs said it would be!


Wise woman, your missus.


She chose me… :grin:

Can’t be right 100% of the time eh? :grin:

Exception that proves the rule? :grin: