Weenie ball hitters and photo takers

Looking at the Beeb’s “we’re all doomed” headlines today as I like to keep up on my imminent death from some desease, heat doughnut or nuclear attack.
Today, however, there’s an issue with someone building a “DIY” patio next to some weenie stone bridge on a Scottish golf course. (I’ve no idea what the difference is between a “DIY” patio and any other type of patio).
Looking at the photos that were supplied for comparison there’s this one of the patio and bridge taken recently.


And this one of some bloke with plus fours on wearing one glove (probably due to a chilly wind blowing from one direction and he’s keeping the other for walking back the other way) to show how nice it all was before the patio build

Look at the bridge…I’ve tried to size both pictures so it’s the same size. Why has the clubhouse/castle/manor house moved further away? Is Scotland getting bigger?


Can’t have the lower orders spoiling their betters’ surroundings don’tcha know?

The photo with Michael Jackson on the bridge is taken further away with a longer focal length. Thats why the house in the background appears much closer… camera never lies? Yeah right! You can make things look very different by playing with focal lengths and distances. Thats why racing looks slow on tv… long lenses and big distances.



Do they play golf? Blimey, if only I knew…too late now I suppose. So I need longer focal length mirrors then.

Oh and there was I thinking it was due to a distortion in Time And Relative Dimension In Space. :smiley:

Eddies in the space time continuum.

Who is Eddy?

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Surely it’s Jack Nicholson isn’t it .

And I was small ball batting yesterday.
Best caddy I’ve ever had…
Bad golf swing but wow could she ever read the putts…
I disagreed with her suggested line of putt and she walked away in a huff…
I missed the putt by a mile and she said “ ok you read the greens and I laugh…”
She was the boss after that …


And just like that it was changed back to how it was originally…!

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“Are we talking about, some sort of Vogon laundromat, or what are we talking about?”