Well hello there

Was very tempted to copy and paste one of “those” subject lines to start off :grin:

But hello all and best of luck with the new forum.


Also, latest is empty for me (well except for this post) but I can see other comments from people who won awards.
Anything I’m missing or doing wrong?

Thanks for signing up. It’s like a new house around here at the moment - all a bit too clean and some things may get moved around a bit while we’re settling in. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries! Thanks for having me!

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I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. A couple of people arrived early but the music hadn’t started. This place is based on Discourse, which is quite ‘gamified’. I set everything up to get going but most can be tweaked and configured as we go. You never get these things completely right first time.

Or a wine cellar, it becomes more interesting the fuller it is.

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The empire the cellar the better the conversation?

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‘The Wine Cellar’ would have been an excellent forum name, but perhaps not quite on topic.


Well at least its not the Whine Cellar (I’ll get me coat)

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