Well, there's a thing

You know that issue with a clicking clutch? It’s normally the thrust plate lifting the ball bearings too far on the clutch pull. No adjustment helped and it isn’t quite the right sort of clicking.
Well then, try these/this/they/thing:

Easily tells that the sound is coming from the clutch plate side rather than the clutch cable side. Be careful when you first use though, the first touch onto a surface is a LOT louder than you think it’s gonna be. :open_mouth:
It’s the same as when I rewire a bike and try the hooter for the first time. I almost expect it not to work, so when it does, it gives me a fright :scream:


Do you drop your trousers beforehand or run it up the leg? :wink: :grinning:


Doctors should keep one of those on their desk to scare away patients who would be sat looking at it and thinking ‘I wonder where the pointy end goes?’


Length of that puppy would be chipping my teeth…


I always use an extension, it saves me bending over :disguised_face:


I remember a friends father, a very senior retired mechanical engineer listening to my friends 3CL and my Mirage engines running with his stethoscope and diagnosing imminent catastrophic failure, which fortunately never happened. Ive stethoscoped quite a few bikes down the years and you’re absolutely right they are very sensitive and its surprising how loudly they magnify sound.

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I’ve auscultated a few chests in my time… less pointy stethoscope though.