What bike?

Hi all,

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m on the hunt for a new bike…and I seem to be drawn to big triumphs…

Seen a couple of 1990s Trophy’s within my sub £1k budget.

Just looking for thoughts and opinions.

I need a daily hack. While it will certainly be loved, it won’t be “precious”. My all weather daily commute will be both easy and tough as the years pass. I’ll be zooming past others on dual carriageway, and also bobbing and weaving through urban traffic.

I’ll do all my own servicing, but can be lazy when it comes to chain maintenance…but every so often it’ll get a wash, and a dousing of acf50 and grease and oil where needed. No Chineseium metal as it needs to be UK rain proof.

I won’t be getting (or wanting to) get my knees down, I just want to enjoy getting to where I’m going.

I have aspirations to maybe one day ride off into the sunset (well, a weekend); perhaps going beyond the lands of “Tes-co”…

I’m 5’11 and 15st. Married, mortgage, kids. The motorbike doesn’t need to be cool, because I am not…and anyway, just riding a bike is cool enough.

Any thoughts?

£700 Trophy 900 fit the bill?

I am used to “top heavy” Tiger 1050 and 955i Sp3…

Have considered leaving the Triumph community (Honda Deuville 700, as no chain etc); but I am not sure I can bring myself to leave you all…

Thanks, as ever. :innocent:

Hope you get sorted Daniel, but please, not a Honda Dullville! It will kill any enjoyment of riding a bike :astonished:
I had an SLR briefly then went away from bikes for 17 years :smile:

Thanks @Dawsy I do of course value ALL advice, but I used to have an NTV650 - so basically an unfaired Deuville and as my first bike…well…I wish i never sold it.

Is a 1997 900 Trophy not gonna be equally, errr “sedate”; but with a chain?


The Sprint would also seem to fit your requirements, which are very similar to the ones I had when I bought the GT, but finding one under £1000 that doesn’t have a dismaying reason for being cheap could be tricky.

I had a quick look on MCN for Trophy’s. The cheapest is an £1,100, 28 year old bike that’s been standing for two years and doesn’t come with a warranty. A cheap bike may have a string of additional costs in the first year that effectively add to your initial budget. I’m thinking rear shocks etc. If you find a good ‘un though - bargain!

As for being cool, that is a standard at no extra cost when you ride a Triumph. :grin:

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Does cool filter down, like trickle down economics…even this far?

12months MOT

Nah, Triumphs are way cooler than a Honda :grinning:

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I’ve just seen and responded to your other message about the Trophy but thought I’d add a bit here, too.

The Honda Dullsville has to be one of the most bland and boring bikes I’ve ever ridden. Nothing ostensibly wrong with it - the Blood Bike group I volunteer with has one and I used it for a while. It was dishwater dull - even the BMW F800 we also had was a far better bike all round. That said, the Deauville is, I gather, very reliable and is even well liked by some and it does, of course, have the great, good advantages of the shaft drive - and, well, yeah, actually … that’s about it, really. Oh, wait, no - it IS a Honda.

The Trophy would, in my humble and utterly biased opinion, give you more rewards from ownership if it just sits on your driveway! It will probably cost more to own and run but the return on your investment will be in the fact that you will ENJOY riding the thing. Heck, it’s a T300 - once you’ve got it warmed up and taken it towards the top register of the tacho that triple growl will thump you in the chest, surge suddenly into your soul and awaken a desire to just ride it that you will find difficult to define, decline or resist. Your commute will be transformed. You’ll become mysteriously attractive to members of the opposite sex; you’ll be mistaken, frequently, for someone rich, famous and charismatic. Your bacefook, X, toktik and youtube followers will suddenly propel your statistical importance to stratospheric levels that will threaten the very fabric of your life - especially if the wife finds out how many of them are nubile, young and single (regardless of sex)!

On a slightly more serious note, that Trophy looks to be something of a bargain at that price and in that kind of condition. The HONDA would have to be VERY special indeed to better that.

If it sounds OK and rides OK, has some history and isn’t too high on the mileage, it’s a no-brainer, Daniel - try the Trophy and you’ll be sold.

Good luck.



Thanks @AdieP I have added to the other thread :+1: