What generation is your favourite Bonneville and its variants?

Thought I’d put the cat among the pigeons, I was happy with my Hinckley 2013 version and I think it was a good reproduction of the original style without any major complications. It was air cooled and quite humble, a leakfree engine, can be made to sound traditional British with the right exhaust which I like although there was no need for mine having stupid can bus.

I don’t like the meridian version with gear lever on the right and the handlebar controls were never to my liking on those.
As for the liquid cooled ones I just don’t like the sound of them and it’s like having a duck that lost it’s quack that sounds like a cuckoo although Triumph has made them visually pretty so say the least.

Meriden Triumphs came with both right and left side gear change. Post 1975 are left hand due to the the Sherman’s regulations.

No real problem any more as not many chairs around these days to warrant the brake foot levers for both bike and chair on the same side to operate with one foot. But with hydraulics these days it’s pretty simple to sort the brakes to one right sided foot brake lever.

On a Hinckley carbed version would it be possible to bin all/most of the electronics? Could they be converted back to the iron age wiring?

I’ve occasionally wondered whether a modern Efi version could be retrofitted with carbs, or are too many of the other systems dependent on the electronics?

Interesting point about carbs and injection, I wouldn’t know but I managed to bypass the can- bus system on mine in a logical way so I could start it on the button every time regardless of voltage monitored and didn’t have to plead on my knees with the ‘system’. I also noticed that sometimes when starting mine when warm it reverted to mimicking carburettors

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