What grease for suspension linkages

Normally I get the guy who does my MOT on my 2002 triumph trophy 1200 to grease the rear suspension linkage every year during the MOT. However he moved premises and hasn’t got his MOT bay up and running and so sent me to another MOT station. So I decided to dig out my very old grease gun and give it a go. I only have some old castrol MS3 grease which looking on ebay seems to be ancient as you can buy the old empty tins… The manual says to use mobil hp222 which no longer exists, but from what I can make out it seems to be a lithium complex grease (only repeating what I found).
So after that long winded explanation has anybody got a recommendation for a grease to use that can also be used for the swingarm and head bearings?
Hopefully you can see that I know nothing about grease…

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I use this stuff for everything apart from wheel spindles where i use red rubber grease, good for temperatures from -25-+130, it’s by Fuchs so good quality.


Thanks, that’s not one I’d found in my research. I think I’m probably overthinking it and any lithium based grease will probably do. Even my old castrol ms3 is lithium based.


Yep you’re right, any lithium based grease is the one.