What software you use to diagnose your bike?

First gen Tiger 800 does not have that Info buttom…

In my understanding there are few option available like TuneECU or Dealertool.

I use TuneECU on my Android phone, with a bluetooth OBD2 reader that’s know to work with it, namely OBDLink LX. That is tiny enough that I keep it in my small toolkit I always ride with. :slight_smile:

I got that combo because I do my own servicing and it lets me see the manifold pressure to balance the throttle bodies, purge the ABS pump, and ‘reset adaptations’ which makes the ECU forget what it’s ‘learnt’. You’re meant to do the latter after changes that affect engine I believe, like rebalancing the throttles or changing the air filters. I’ve also found that on a couple of occasions my by has ‘learnt’ bad habits and runs rough, which a reset fixes. (The first time was done by dealers when it was still under warranty.)

That adaptor also lets you remap the engine but this is not something I’ve used.

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My mobile phone is Iphone. EcuTune is not available in App Store but if I would buy Android based tablet … perhaps I could get the same (bluetooth model) working?

There are Windows based versions of that (in Ebay pretty cheaply), but those are old and no support anymore?

Just the same as @BrownMouse, and I’ve been using TuneECU for about 15 years. Also have used it to load Triumph special maps for TOR and Arrow exhausts on several bikes over the years.
I also have the Windows version which is no longer supported (it doesn’t have all the android functionality - eg no abs bleed). If you want that version DM me and I’ll see if I can dig out the install files.

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Thanks for the offer but I still would need suitable USB interface lead (OBD II). And those together with old EcoTune Windows software (disc) can be found from Ebay at the same price as some USB interface lead cabel alone. I’m not just sure will I want to continue with that road, or should I get Dealertool or updated Android Ecotune (and buy tablet for that). Of course I guess old Windows version could be good enough to read possible fault codes? Do you think that you can delete the service mark lights with that older Windows version as well? I mean I hardly would do very technical services by myself anyway (or look those via any software).

BTW: Could some general OBDII fault code reader (made for cars) read the possible fault codes of Tiger 800?

The Windows version does reset/throttle balance/etc on my 2015 SpeedTriple, but no idea whether your Tiger 800 would be covered on the older software. Probably best to go the Android/Bluetooth route. Maybe get an old secondhand android phone off ebay, that way you have diagnostics when away from home (I always take mine when touring).

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Yes, that would be handy. It just is that the mobile phone I use is my employer’s property (it has been given to me) and my employer will pay the phone connection. Next time as I will update that mobile phone I can easily move to Android/Samsung world. But that will take few years now (most likely). Until then perhaps I could simply take away the SIM-card from my present Iphone and put it to some second hand Samsung phone (which I would buy by myself) … as having two mobile phones in use same time does not sound practical.

I’m not sure whether you’d need a sim card in the phone as you could download the .apk file via a pc then load to phone via usb/wifi.
But licensing has changed now (my original was free and :crossed_fingers: is for life), a home wifi connection may do it ok?

Android phone apps can be downloaded and used with just a wifi connection. You don’t need a SIM card.

I just use a ball pein hammer!