What's the worst name ever for a motorcycle?

We haven’t done of of these for a while. I’m going to nominate Yamaha for ‘Thunderace’. Even though I owned one.

Edit: Here’s mine with my lad sitting on it. He’s taller than me, now. :slight_smile:


I’m sure there are worse ones out there…


The Harley Davidson ‘Scat’. Looks were just as bad as it’s name.

The Scat’s engine was the German two stroke engine design taken as WW2 reparations by the Allies.
The Shermans used the design for their Hummers, the Ruskies for their Minsk and the UK for the Bantam. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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And they say the American’s don’t understand irony.

Or irony horses, I suppose.


It’s a cheap and cheerful 50cc scooter: Sym Symply

Now say it in a sentence and try not to sound like you are from Birmingham :rofl:

Honda Benly, not quite Bentley or bendy.


Another honda vote for me. The honda rune.

And its little brother the Thundercat :rofl:

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Honda Dream (followed by it’s cc). Dream my arse as Jim from the Royale Family would say. Who the fcuk would dream about one of them

I think we should exclude scooters as they often have silly names.

Similar to “fun size” snacks :joy:

Ok this one is a new car, but had to give it a mention because it seems like an epic oversight on VW’s behalf… the Taigo! You may or may not know (could be a Northern Ireland thing), but that is a very derogatory name for a catholic person here.

I’ve added a photo of my red and white, er, YZF1000 to the original post. :wink: Let’s have pics to go with the names.

The Francis-Barnett Plover.

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Suzuki Gladius. Sounds like your great aunt!

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Honda CX500 Plastic Maggot

Not the real name given by Honda I know but that’s what us Brits and the Aussies called them back in the day right? :wink:




Honda Deauville….
Dullsville more like….

I like that bike :grinning:

Like triumph Tina

Great name and logo