Who are posting emojis

Hi Saul just a quick thought. When looking at who has left emoji’s you only see their avitar, which is very difficult to see who they are. Would it be possible to add their forum name?

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There’s a bit of difference between the mobile and full laptop experience. I’m assuming you’re on a mobile. There’s also some differences between the way you can view ‘likes’, which is the native functionality, and the other emojis provided by the plug-in I installed.

Tapping the ‘like’ icon makes the list of avatars appear but if you want it to persist, tap the number next to it. With the other emojis you can just tap the icon. It looks like the plug-in developer has altered the behaviour slightly.

If you tap the ellipsis it will show the list of avatars along the bottom of the message but only for ‘likes’. You still have to tap the emoji to see all the responses.

You can tap an avatar to display a profile summary for the topic.

None of that is quite what you’re asking. There’s no simple option available to add the names. I can ask the plug-in developer about adding that functionality but I suspect the problem will be the space to show them.

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Ok, thanks for having a look.

If you are looking on a laptop then when you hover the cursor over the icon it comes up with the name

I have been using my phone, where it does not show.

@Octoberon Saul, I also notice there’s no post ‘count’ that’s attached to peoples collection of posts that they’ve done. Never seen that on any forum till this one. Is it on a switch or doesn’t it have the facility?

There’s a count of your posts and whole ton of stuff on the profile pages. Click on an avatar and it brings up a little box of info. Click the avatar in that box and you’ll get a page loads of stats. Here’s yours.

If you have an android and a compatable S-pen, just hover the pen over the emojis/ pictures and a popup menu appears just like it would on a PC and mouse… just discovered that now as i’m using my stilus :smiley:

Thanks for that tip, Andy. I haven’t got an Android device these days so I can’t test those things out myself.

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