Who deserves the Repsol Honda seat?

Marquez is on his way. Zarco is sticking with the LCR offer. So who should be on that seat on 2024? DiGiantonio, if his late season form continues? How about Jake Dixon from Moto2?

Any motoGP rider that will have no bike for next season.
Honda needs a development rider more than a competitor.

Honda needs a rider with experience to develop the bike, LCR say they need the sponsorship Zarco brings to afford their bikes. I’m sure Honda now has a bit more budget they could put LCR’s way so I think they might still move Zarco to factory.
Digi deserves to stay in Motogp but not experienced enough for factory so may be slot into Zarco’s LCR seat?
Rumour is that Honda are after Olivera or Vinales, Aprilia say they can’t have them and I think Vinales is happy where he is anyway. I think Olivera could be tempted, he’s disagreed with Aprilia’s statement that he doesn’t have an opt out clause. :thinking:
Although I’d love Jake to get a Motogp ride (which he’s deserving of IMO), he would do well to avoid the Honda’s poison chalice.

Zarco says he wants to ride the LCR as it’s a two year contract and he’s interessted in moving their project forward.

Is Digi the only rider at risk of not keeping a ride next season? You’d think Nakagami would be a worried man but perhaps he’s got a lot of sponsorship money, I don’t know.

Vinales was asked about riding the Honda at today’s press conference. He said he’s contracted to Aprilia for 2024 and happy to stay there. It’s a factory bike and quicker then the Honda at the moment so I believe him.

Olivera is a good shout. I’d put a fiver on him to be in Repsol colurs next year.

A factory Honda next to an ex world champion would be quite a good opportunity for Jake, I reckon. But as you say, they need help to develop that bike and Jake has no MotoGP experience.

Hadn’t heard Zarco’s latest remarks, I think that makes Olivera a much stronger bet.
Nakagami is already signed for 2024 at LCR.
I hope Jake doesn’t get offered the ride, he can’t afford to say no… BUT
I fear unless the Honda is radically better it will crash any confidence out of him and will be out of the GP paddock without a fair chance.

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I’d like the Miguel Oliveira option. He is a very clever rider. He can probably improve the bike.

Seen a quote today that Honda have now approached Aleix Espargaro, makes you think they’re keen to get a few Aprilia secrets. :thinking: