Who do YouTube follow?

Sometimes, folk follow the most interesting people on YouTube… I expect there are a lot of VisorDown, TMF etc followers… but who do you follow/subscribe too and why?

I’ll kick off with this channel…


Alex Degnes is an “ordinary” man on a mission… he wants to build the most powerful 2 stroke motorcycle engine (per cc as far as I can tell) his laconic style hides a wealth of knowledge and determination in achieving his goal. He has given up his job to allow YouTube subscribers finance his activities… go and give this chap a little of your YouTube time… check out his historic vids… I love his rum swilling pragmatism… worth my thumbs up and subscription


TSHansen, travel in Norway advice. 44Teeth funny and informative, Baron von Grumble makes me laugh, Richy Vida/Wildbad.

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I don’t subscribe to any but I do follow a few. TMF as you say but Richy Vida, Teapot one, Lambchop rides to name a few. I tend to look for reports on areas I’m wanting to ride. At the moment I’m looking at ride reports on the Arctic circle Norway.
This is a ride I’m trying to organise for 2023. Hopefully I can get all my shit in one sock (as a very old friend says) and we’ll get it sorted.

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Every Sunday, watch a Yorshireman carrying on with his latest old Brit motorcycle build.
There’s always a few “oh bugger!” moments especially a couple of weeks ago when he ran over his old cheesecutter hat with his tractor mower. I’ve learned a lot from this man.
This is from his website:

Michael Waller was born in Middlesbrough, England in 1951, and is proud to call himself a Yorkshireman. He never stopped working on British bikes. From a plunger Tiger Cub that he was given at fifteen, through BSAs, Nortons, Royal Enfields, AJSs and several BMWs, he has been riding for over forty years. After moving to upstate New York following an early retirement, he started Britannia Motorcycles, restoring British machines and working on trials bikes and the specials that all British motorcyclists love to build. The doors of Britannia Motorcycles are always open to visitors as one of Michael’s greatest talents is gossiping.


If I ever get to New York I’ll be visiting Michael at Britannia Motorcycles near Richford and Hugh Mackie at 6th Street Specials in Manhattan.


I have a list of things to do when I’m in New York. It just got slightly longer.

I try not to use You tube and certainly do not follow anyone. I try not to spend too long on line . Although forums do take up a bit of my time and I enjoy them…
The only time I use You tube is if I need to do something and haven’t tried it before. Then I do a background check. Maybe twice / three times a year I guess. My guilty pleasure is too much sport watching on TV . Love live sport…


I don’t religiously follow anyone or watch much YouTube but I do find FortNine an entertaining watch with some interesting content and it’s short enough that I don’t get bored and wander off to do something else!

I don’t follow anybody specific on YouTube. I use it for information gathering when wanting to do do some DIY or anything motorcycling related.

I’m another one who doesn’t use YouTube much. I don’t follow anyone but I have recently watched the Expedition North videos from the Got2Go lady that someone recommended. It’s handy for some ‘how to’ instructions sometimes as well.

I only follow 1 or 2 people I know on Youtube. Bad obsession motorsport being the only exception, I’m sure you’ve all seen project Binky? Good watching, funny and very impressive build. If anyone’s on Instagram, Sam Lovegrove is a good follow.

I watch a few already mentioned here, others I watch are:

  • Itchy Boots for the adventure and the scenery.
  • Delboy’s Garage for the practical knowledge but it’s also just interesting to watch people work on bikes.
  • FortNine for education and humour.

One thing the above also have in common is good quality filming and production.

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Saul, try watching some of TSHansen videos. useful tips on ferries, shopping, camping, road law etc.

Ah, I just looked him up and I’ve seen Mr Hansen before. You may have recommended him on the other forum. I’ve watched the vid about using ferries, which was most interesting. I’ll have a look through some more of his stuff.

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Hope this works


Ok, Scotland and England have history (and herstory)… yon fella has a great laid back presentation of events based in the Scottish side of things. An easy to listen to historical revelation of major Scots peoples, events and history.

As an Englishman who loves Scotland, I find a lot of interesting points in every video.



If anyone has bike-related YouTube channels they’d heartily recommend I can add them to the forum Youtube Channel. Yes, we have one of those, too. It’s a place to showcase any videos from the forum (with the owner’s permission, of course) and somewhere you can upload your own videos if you want to. I’m also adding a list of channels we like.



Not really a motorcycle channel but this guy is Canadian with a sense of humour and does some incredible engineering.




ZCR9 - if you just watch one, watch this one. French is a bollox tho…just laugh, they seem to be ok with that :blush:

For bike related stuff I only really watch TMF. I know he’s a bit vanilla but to be fair to him he’s by far and away the most consistent bike poster on YouTube and seems to deservedly dominate that segment. I’ve tried some of the others and might watch stuff that’s about the GS but they seem be be irratic posters and not my cup of tea so I don’t bother. I do watch BVG when he posts stuff but somehow can’t get into 44t. The other posters I watch are Abritablondeabike as I’ve been to NZ and find their vlogs very entertaining.

Apart from that I watch golf related stuff, either product tests or sky sports/Europro etc to watch free to view golf tournaments.