Who needs ABS?



Having rode bikes for years without ABS, never appreciated the benefits. There is no doubt that it does help with emergency braking, but in all the years I have had on my bikes it has never been deployed.
By the way I cannot read the article/post on facebook cause I don’t use it.

You can still view the video without a Facebook account (I don’t have one either).

I’m happy to have abs my bikes as I don’t have the same skills as a GP rider!

I’ve never actually come off due to the absence of ABS, but I once had to do an emergency stop from a highish speed on a damp road on a ZZR 1100 and the back end fishtailed enough to give me a fright. ABS gives me a bit more confidence.

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I went and tried the link again and managed to watch the clip. I see what you mean about MotoGP skills lol :upside_down_face:

That video clip is from a game. Shows how good the graphics are on the games these days.

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