Who should ride for Tech3 KTM in 2023?

Who should keep their seat at Tech3 KTM, Remy or Raul? There can be only one… (apparently)

Always a fan of Remy and he deserves another year in Motogp, Raul seems to not want to be there anyway. But Pit appears to be considering Augusto Fernandez, a class act, thoroughly nice lad and probably the next Moto2 champ.
Assuming Pol is a given, give Remy his chance for another year, Augusto is young enough to wait one more year.
At the moment KTM is not a preferred ride but I’m sure they’ll throw enough money at it to fix it.
So who do we think for the 2 new Aprilia seats? :slightly_smiling_face:
Oliveira? … and?

There’s something quite likable about Remy and I’d like to see him gived a decent crack at the whip. He was brilliant in Moto2 so we know he can ride.

I’ll start another topic for the Aprilia boy - good shout. :slight_smile: