Why not? Take a peek at some of Rich's builds

“Old Triumph v new Triumph? You say, “Buy an old Triumph”. That should mean 2003 or later. Reason being, after you’ve worked on a project bike for 6-12 months and invest mucho sterling into it, you should expect to be able to ride it trouble free for quite a while. The “Antique” twins are all British tradition, great to look at with lots of mechanical beauty and charm. Pretty decent power and the weight is not bad either. But mechanically? Forget it. Unless you are an old Triumph expert and have an abundance of experience, patience and parts for them. After working on them for a while in the mid 70’s, I was cured. Another consideration is what will the bike be worth when you decide to sell it later?”

Wise words from Richard Pollock.

Why not get the spanners out and build a custom.

and his Triumph builds:


Obviously not to ride around the world but it’s really nice to have one you built yourself - just to have something to do, Coronation Street isn’t that good these days. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mouthwatering stuff! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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There’s a draw to the trumpets around your own age… just wish I had the skills to maintain

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One my age would have to be the very first year of the Bonnevilles. Very deep pockets required for one of those.
I don’t have any Hinckley ones as they are too complicated and require enthusiastic cleaning to prevent them melting in the rain.
The 70s Triumphs are relatively cheap, pretty simple to maintain and work on - there’s not much skill required just a bit of patience and a fair selection of spanners (oh, and, in my case, a hacksaw). Spares are cheap and easily available, loads of information around on how to work on them. Become an expert in no time :no_mouth:

Don’t go for the Trident in the picture though, they are a bit more complicated :slightly_smiling_face:


I quite liked the pics of all the Hinckley modified bikes, some even with drum brakes to complete the looks.
I’ve never been interested in the meridian ones, dunno why but they never did anything for me.

The bonneville black I had I loved and had it for years, I never modify bikes to the extent it makes it limited to sell only to a small minority but that’s being in the motor trade for forty five years+.
Would I by another bonneville? Yes probably at some point but to modify I’d have to have it given.