Wiki post 10

Just read the post about Wiki posts.
What’s their purpose?
Never come across them on a forum before…

The main difference is that it’s a post that anyone (above trust level 0) can edit, like a wiki page. It’s a collaborative post and a way to keep information in one place rather than spread through a long thread that has all sorts of other replies interwoven.

Cheers for the explanation.
Looks like it could be useful for admin level type posts but could get messy for user posts…

It depends on what the topic is for. If it was a collaborative ‘how’to’ article, for example, it would make sense. I though I’d give it a try and see how it works out. :slight_smile:

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Thinking on it, it’ll probably work ok on here due to the level of user integrity, but would be a real headache on some of the more contentious forums :grin:

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Part of my job is to make sure the natives don’t get too restless. :grin: The forum keeps the page edit history so if anyone did start messing things up it’s easy to revert to a previous version.

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I think the wiki style posts is a good idea. I sometimes post things on how I did some maintenance, repair or mods. Now I plan on being around to edit these to correct mistakes, but think it’s a good idea that if I cock up torque settings or do something dodgy, other people are able to correct this. Or add notes on alternative, possibly better ways of dong things.