Workplace parking under scrutiny for Ride To Work Day 2023

MAG do all this for you for 0.08 pence a day. A bargain I think you’ll agree.

So head over to the MAG website and join up.
Do you care ??

For Ride To Work Day 2023, the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is
investigating workplace parking facilities. A survey launched today
asks riders for details covering the availability, quality and security
of workplace motorcycle parking.

Ride To Work Day 2023, which will take place on Monday 19th June,
celebrates the many benefits gained from riding a motorcycle, scooter or
moped to work. The international campaign increases awareness and
acceptance of an often-overlooked transport choice.

In order to increase the popularity of this congestion-busting commuter
option, MAG is asking employers to bring their motorcycle parking
provision up to scratch. Firstly, MAG will answer the question: how
well are employers doing? MAG is then asking all riders to give a copy
of a new motorcycle parking guide to their company.

New this year, the Ride To Work Day resource pack includes an employers’
guide to motorcycle parking. This simple booklet gives employers tips
and advice to help them facilitate this sustainable commuting option.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“One thing cannot be denied; if you ride to work you are going to need
somewhere to park your bike. Motorcycle parking is often just an
afterthought, if not entirely ignored. Car, and increasingly cycle,
parking is a given at most workplaces. But the motorcyclist is often
left to make the best of a bad job. We are running this survey to get a
feel for how well the motorcycle commute is being supported by
employers. We have also developed a simple guide with advice for
employers and hope to see the standards improve by Ride To Work Day 2024.”

Put the Action in:

If your workplace has its own parking facilities, please complete the
short survey here: Ride to Work Survey
You don’t necessarily need to be a regular motorcycle commuter to answer
the questions. Once you have completed the survey, why not give your
boss a copy of our handy guide?

We will collate the survey responses and publish the results on Ride To
Work Day 2023.


Done; think last year also focused on kit storage and changing facilities too, it would be lovely to get things improved.


A company I worked for in the mid 90s didn’t tolerated any bike on the cie parking, because the brother of the big boss lost his life in a motorcycle accident.
I parked my BMW K100 everyday alongside the stairs. It was my only transportation.
After the idiot that banned bikes from the parking came to find me, I said I wouldn’t park anywhere else. Ask him if the guy would have passed away in a car accident, no cars would be allowed? End of ban.


Nice one. And so very true.