World Superbike days numbered?

I’m hearing rumours that the current superSPORT class will become the top category in production racing! :scream:
It sounds believable as sales of the bigger superbikes is dire and doesn’t justify the investment required for development to meet emission rules, many being discontinued from sale. While sales of the smaller “mid range” bikes remain healthy.
Bear in mind Superbike was originally for 750 fours and 1000 twins, so we’re really only going back to the original format.
And we can’t have “production” Superbikes going faster than Motogp when the 2027 850cc rules come in, can we. :grinning:

I’ve heard that rumour as well. As we all know, Superbike sales aren’t what they used to be so you can sort of understand the logic but I can’t quite get my head around a top level production-based championship that isn’t racing the biggest, fastest road bikes.

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The R1 has already gone, I suspect other Japanese bikes will follow. Ducati is perhaps the anomaly here.
It’s a complicated issue, we already have rules (such as spec ecu in bsb) keeping race bike tech lower than showroom bikes.
Lots of “levelling” rules, eg Ducati v2 limited to 80% throttle in TT Supersport.

Yep, we lost the GSXR1000 as well as the R1. That’s possibly the two biggest superbike icons gone already. You have to wonder how long Kawasaki will keep going with the ZX10R(R), and the BMW S1000RR, while a brilliant bike, has always seemed like something of an anomaly in a world dominated by the GS.

Ducati will be the last to throw the towel in, I reckon. If battery tech gets there in time I can the Panigale transforming in to an even more electrifying ride to keep their supersport image alive.

I hope we don’t see all those mad machines go the way of the dinosaurs. There’s got to be more to life that retro classics and adventure bikes.


It is unfortunate, but people vote with their wallets and if the sales aren’t there the manufacturers will always invest where people will spend their money.
Although I agree it will be a shame to see these iconic bikes disappear from production. However, they should be around for a long time on the second hand market.

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Suzuki is a typical example of the future for bigger engined bikes.
The GSX-R1000 dies and gives birth to the GSX-S1000GT and GSX-S1000GX

I think it’s more to do with the age of riders who can afford nearly twenty grand for what is not an essential purchase. We know the demographic is aging and, as has been said on these and other pages, people value comfort and practicality over raw performance as they get older and their riding habits change.

The base model price for a Tiger 1200 is more than both the Panigale V2 and the BMW S1000RR.

Triumph Tiger 1200 £17,295
Panigale V2 £17,195
BMW S1000RR £17,150

I think you’re right about the aging demographic. Super-nakeds are the new sports bike - all the performance and handling with a more comfortable riding position.


Adventure bike racing, that’s the future. :smile::+1::+1:


Super nakeds are where its at for me, they can do everything and excite you like nothing else. Mid and big sportbikes don’t make sense to me until you are doing triple figures. They are beautiful things to look at though.


A two wheeled World Rally Championship. I’d quite like to see that :sunglasses:


For when the TT is just too safe… :grin:

No more unlikely than bagger racing.

And Jeremy McWilliams the master. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go then.

And I thought I was joking :rofl:
(I did have tarmac circuit racing in mind)
Perhaps a new category in next years TT? :slightly_smiling_face: