Wye Valley and Wales

@HelmutVisor and I had a lovely trip out today going from home to The Old Station at Tintern - the first time we had ever been here, previously we have always stopped a little further on at the Abbey. This place is lovely - great setting, friendly staff and good food and coffee. Helmut had a bacon and egg sandwich, I had two Welshcakes and both of us had a coffee; all were excellent :slightly_smiling_face:.

Suitably refreshed, we continued on to Baffle Haus at Pontypool via some lovely scenic roads where we both had another drink and headed back home. There were some interesting bikes there in the main courtyard as usual - but we were too lazy to take photos!

The weather was gorgeous and the riding was great although the roads were pretty congested on the way home as you’d expect, especially through the tourist hotspots - but at least it gave me a chance to hone my overtakes :rofl:.


That’s why I didn’t bother, too much traffic especially touring caravans heading back to England. Glad you managed a spin.


It’s wasn’t too bad this morning…just onwards from Brecon that was a bit packed on the way home.


Nice part of the country. I was stationed in Chepstow when I was in the forces. Nice pictures :slightly_smiling_face: