X-lite X-803

Just had a my new X-Lite delivered. Brought it at the show but Helmet City didn’t have my size in stock.No problem as not riding at this time of the year , so they couriered it to me and it arrived yesterday.
It’s beautiful…
After years of using Arai and still not feeling comfortable with the visor change system , I thought I would try something different. I will keep the Arai whilst the new one gets bedded in…
The X-lite visor change system is simple. Just push in the visor retaining button and a little push and the visor lifts out. Done in seconds.
Let’s see how it fares once I get back out on the road.
Helmet City have them on line for £448. I paid £380 at the show. The show price included the tinted visor.


Thats a nice lid!

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Very nice!

It will be interesting what you think the overall quality is like compared to your Arai.

That’s very nice!

Nice, I like the decal :slightly_smiling_face:

My mate has the same lid and I’ve seen them in the flesh. Impressive!