XSR700 out today

Still lucky with the weather up here in North Yorkshire for the moment - sunny and not yet cold.

Rode over to Masham around lunchtime - just a few bikes there but always someone to chat to.

Wandered down passed Fountains Abbey then around Ripon and on to Thirsk. Nice dry roads and very little traffic - a win win situation :sunglasses:


Lovely looking bike, great weather and beautiful scenery - just about perfect I reckon :+1:.


Nice pics and bike, I am still pleased with my XSR :+1:


The cars in for a service next week and there’s a yamaha/honda place round the corner… I’ll have time to kill so will be eyeing up one of these :grinning:… there’s also a bmw further down, if I’m really bored I’ll venture on down to it too :rofl: