Yesterdays bimble to Compton Abbas airfield cafe

Trying to enjoy the good weather me and two mates set off from Bath heading the long way to Compton Abbas airfield ( A route via Salisbury racecourse started well until my mates crap nav decided to play up. I have no idea where we went but after a hour I took over as lead and managed to find the airfield. The cafe is right on the runway so good views of anything taking off and landing. Food (bacon sarnie and a plate of chips washed down with coffee) was excellent and very quick to arrive. Toilet facilities clean and easily available. The return journey was less eventful via Gillingham to check out what has happened to Cafe Cross. A sorry tail of insolvency and closure of the bike dealership but the cafe remains under a different name. (


That looks like a great stop!!

Used to be a nice run for me when i lived in Winchester. Did you manage to find nearby Zig Zag hill on your travels?

I missed that one. I hear it’s a scary bit of road with a heavy bike.

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Road surface was terrible when i last did it - that’s the scary bit!