Yet another Service light question

Just changed my Speedy 1050 RS Optimate cable as the one that came with the bike didn’t really seal at the cap. Obviously this meant disconnecting the battery to change the leads. Once reconnected the service light is on and the due date is today :confused:No way to reset it unless the great minds of the forum have a cunning plan.
So any ideas?

Take it back to the dealers and let them sort it :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it’ll go away when you set the date and time on the dash, that’s assuming you haven’t already set it.


Nearest dealer is about 80 miles away! Unless a local engine tuner I know has the software to sort it.

Do you know, I never checked them! Will have a look tomorrow. Cheers for an idea :slightly_smiling_face::bulb:

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You sure disconnecting the battery hasn’t just reset the date to some years ago default, hence service now a few years overdue? Perhaps setting the correct date will get the service light to go out?

(Edit, just seen Andyc1already suggested that.)


:grinning: As I am busy working from home today I may be able to find a five minute window to check later :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:

Hi there!
As mentioned above by @Andyc1 and @BrownMouse !
You can definitely set the date and time in the settings on the RS as I’ve disconnected the battery lots of times on mine!
If you set the date and time, the service light will go out (unless it really is due of course!
From the manual: (page 43 of the above download) Display Set Up Menu
The Display Set Up menu allows configuration of the different display screen

To access the Display Set Up menu:
• Press the HOME button to display
the Main menu.
• Push the joystick down and then
press the joystick centre to select
The following options are available:
• Styles and Themes
• Brightness
• Visible Tray
• Language
• Set Units
• Set Clock
• Set Date.


Cheers for all the replies. Made time in my busy schedule to nip and reset the date/time. Service light now vanished and due date back to what it was😀
All set for nice sunny weekend now :motorcycle::motorcycle::motorcycle::grinning: