A couple of days in Killarney

I only got round to getting the pictures off the camera this evening. They don’t do the place justice at all! So having seen a good week of weather ahead, we (me and Mark) decided to hit the west coast for a couple of days, decided on Friday, left on Sunday to return on Wednesday.
I’ll keep it short with lots of pics because I’m crap a write ups :rofl:

So wet roads on Sunday morning heading off but there were dry after 100 miles, it was a 280 mile trip to Killarney, about 5 or 6 hours. Met Mark with about 50 miles to go.
Monday started pretty grey and there was a few damp patches about but it soon dried. It was an overcast day with low cloud hanging round the mountains but it was dry and warm :smiley:
We hit the Dingle Peninsula.

and Slea Head.

And the Conor Pass.

It was a good day, the roads were brilliant, views stunning! No traffic :smiley:


Tuesday was brighter with similar temperatures.
Straight out of Killarney and through the national park.

Like I said, photos don’t do justice.


From there we headed for the Healy Pass

And just chilled out for a while on the other side, I mean, look at it!


After that it was the Ring of Kerry. Didn’t stop so much here, we had spoilt ourselves that morning!

We took a detour through the Black Valley instead of going back to Killarney. This also meant we would be coming in from the north and back through the national park.

The next morning would be the ride home :slightly_frowning_face:
The Bonnie was superb. The roads can get rather bumpy down there and the bike handled them very well indeed! It was comfortable on the long haul there and back, it was a blast on the endless twistys! I only done 2x 20 mile stints on motorway, the rest was a mixture of everything. It has enough guts to quickly do 70+mph overtakes. I’m really impressed with the wee bike, even more so with Ireland.
Covered over 900 miles in 4 days.


Superb scenery, Andy. And no traffic!


It’s much like Scotland in many ways


That looks like an absolutely brilliant break Andy! Great pics!


That part of Ireland looks beautiful. Glad the bonnie performed well, I’m still on the fence about one to replace the trophy at the moment.
I’ve only spent work time in Ireland and after the 3rd visit to Dublin the weather was a bit clearer and I realised you could see mountains from the office…


I was getting well overdue a break! It does good things for you when you get a really nice one :+1:t2:


That looks incredible and the Bonnie seems like it was a brilliant bike for exploring on!


That’s the advantage of a last minute trip, you can plan good weather! Its usually wet here :rofl:


It suits the environment very well down there. I took my last street triple round there before and at times you did feel a little bit beat up. That was quite a stiff bike though, the first gen 765.


The Bonnie looks the part in that scenery too; I love the colours on yours - one of the few models Triumph has used some interesting colours on recently. Your post has also made me realise how much I need a break :rofl:.

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Has Mick come over to the darkside then :rofl:

Hes got the matching RR too!

Nice one Andy, don’t worry about a big write up, we’re happier with pictures! :rofl:

Bonnie looks good and proves that you don’t need huge amounts of bhp to have fun.


Gotta admit, you’ve sold it! That’s going on my “must ride” list now :+1::+1::+1:


Great pictures Andy! I am so ready for a proper trip, seems to have been a long winter.


Is there any chance of putting the routes you did up @Andyc1 ?
Gotta say, it looks stunning!


Thanks for posting Andy. As you say a great part of the world to tour. Great set of pictures with fond memories of my trip to Ireland :slightly_smiling_face: