A question for IPhone users

Does Itunes still exist? More specifically, can you simply bung your mp3’s onto an IPhone trouble free or do you have to use apple software?
I’ve not had an apple since the 4 I think. I really don’t like the thought of going iPhone again but a new pair of hearing aids can be connected directly to a phone. My particular model though, will only play with apple. The appeal of being able to have phone calls is a big deal for me so I’m weighing it up to go apple. I had a lot of gripes about any IPhone I’ve owned. Itunes I remember was a massive one.

I pay £9.99 per month for Spotify that I use across my Iphones, IPad, and Sonos system at home. You can get Spotify for free if you can put up with the adverts…
Worth every penny in my view. Have not bought any music since I signed up. You can download tracks and albums to your library and use them off line. They sync with apple car play so you can then use it in the car as well.

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I have not used iTunes for a number of years now. You do need it if you want to load mp3 to your iPhone. I’m not sure if you can use other software to do this. I also use Spotify on my iPhone, tablet and pc. I don’t pay for it so have to put up with the ads, which aren’t really that much of a problem :slightly_frowning_face:

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I like to keep things simple as much as possible. I have all my music on a usb drive, plugged into the car so thats sorted. Also a copy on multiple PC’s, so thats sorted. Also a copy on my current andriod, so thats sorted. Also means my music is copied across multiple devices therefore pretty safe. I know apple of old would require an itunes account to do this, then charge you for the privilege of using one of your tracks for a ringtone.

Thats what I was afraid of :slightly_frowning_face:

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I gave up with iPhones a few years ago and now stream music like others have said.

My iPad has iTunes Store and that seems to still have all my old purchased music but they probably don’t support ripping from CD or MP3 anymore! :thinking:

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iTunes (the app) was always a frustratingly poor app, only designed to get people to buy music from Apple. I don’t use Spotify, partly because of the lossy quality of MP3 - ok for phones but no good for hi-fi., and also because they are screwing the artists. I still buy CDs, rip them using EAC/LAME to the lossless FLAC format for home and convert them to MP3 for the car, which can’t read FLAC. It has a USB socket for a flash drive containing my collection. Everything is stored on a Plex server on my NAS at home so I can either stream or download it to any device, anywhere.


I’m not interested in streaming because you have to rely on some sort of connection. I live and work away from towns and citys so any sort of connection is never dependable. It’s just not an option for me.
I’m just weighing it up. I see apple still hasn’t switched to USB-c either, everything about them just seems unnecessary awkward and against the grain. (Aimed to make you spend money with them) I hate that. But I’m still sorely tempted. The hearing aid thing could almost be called lifechanging for me. Oticon, the maker of the hearing aids and supplied by the NHS, only cover apple. My Android does support hearing aids and does connect to them, but only as a remote control. Oticon only lets you play the phone audio with apple, phone calls included. I could buy new hearing aids, but they would cost 4 or 5 times the cost of a top model iPhone… Needless to say, I’m begrudgingly leaning towards the iPhone.

over my head

Er, yes, of course…

Fortunately, I rarely feel the need to listen to music when driving. When I do, I use CDs, only I just play mine in the CD player. Simples. :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t fit all my CDs in the car. :smile: I used to have a handful in the glove box but since I’ve had a car with a USB slot it’s easier to just have them all on a little stick.

I’ve got loads of them. I keep a dozen or so in a bag hanging on a hook on the van bulkhead. Occasionally I’ll change the contents of the bag.

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Slightly related to using physical music media like CDs, I see that Cassette Tapes are making a comeback :grimacing: :astonished: :rofl:

I hear sales of pencils are rising, too. :grin:

A cassette tape always remembered where you left off too :rofl:

…and tape splicing kits :rofl:

Here’s a picture of my in-car setup.

I’ve been thinking of upgrading to cassette tapes for a few years now.


Do you store it next to the starting handle?

If you google, there are other apps to copy music to an iPhone. I still have a couple of iPods so use iTunes a little to manage content. I have no issues with iTunes, but for my Android phone I use Deezer which you can download music too if you wish.

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I bought one, the hearing aids/phone connection is brilliant! I can listen to stuff and have 2 volumes, 1 for the phone and 1 for the outside world. And I now stand a chance to understand a phone call. Now the dreaded iTunes… Not exactly off to a good start before I’ve even downloaded it :grimacing:

3rd one made me laugh, then shudder :no_mouth:

I’m not sure what the problem is with iTunes?
Whilst I’ve not used it for a while and when I did it didn’t seem to be that difficult or clunky to me. I just plugged my phone to the computer, opened iTunes, selected the tracks/albums that I wanted and then synced the phone?