Advice, please, on potential (Spanish) guitar purchase

Hopefully the title says it all - or, at least, enough.

My wife has just started to take lessons to learn to play acoustic/Spanish guitar. It’s one of those “been meaning to do this for a while” undertakings that her recent retirement now permits and it’s absolutely lovely to hear her practicing regularly between the weekly lessons. I’m fairly sure there’s more than a couple of guitar players on the forum (je pense que @HUBAXE est un, oui?) so, if anyone has experience and knowledge enough to make a personal recommendation of a good quality instrument that will serve a raw beginner through - hopefully - intermediate abilities and, perhaps, beyond, then I’d be interested to hear the voice of your experience.

It’s my wife’s birthday next month so I’d like to try to make the purchase before then. Any thoughts, ideas. suggestions or recommendations very much welcomed and appreciated.


Can’t help you i’m afraid, but what a thoughtful (intended) gesture!

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Are you looking for a classical guitar, as in nylon strings and the traditional wide neck?

By spanish guitar you certainly mean nylon strings aka classical ?
Good choice for starting.
I would recommend any well installed brand with a true quality control.
Yamaha or Cort will never sell “bad” instruments, even the low price ones.
Add to the investment a electronic tuner (a clip on one).
The best advise is to visit a local store that can sort out any issue.
Online stores are good if you are looking for a special model and if you can handle any setup yourself. Otherwise a local store is the best option.
Hope my answer helps more than confuse :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, sorry, I should have been clearer. It’s a classical, nylon strung guitar I’m looking for. She currently uses one for practice that’s loaned to her by the tutor. From what I can gather there are lots on the market and I’m seeking to balance the choice between something suitable, well made, well respected and that won’t be at risk of becoming an expensive ornament if she decides not to continue … unlikely, but possible.

Yes, exactly that. Good point about Yamaha and never heard of Cort so they are very useful start points. And the clip on tuner is an inspired recommendation - thank you! Yes, your answer very much helps, Hubaxe - THANK YOU!


For some reviews and other information there’s Acoustic Magazine, which might be worth perusing next time you’re in a decent newsagent. I used to subscribe when it first came out. It’s UK based and covers all acoustic instrument’s, or it used to anyway. Lots of good reviews.

Guitars are a bit like bikes in that they all superficially do the same job but the feel/handling and the sound (tone) varies. Not something to worry about but it’s why a trip to a good guitar shop is worthwhile. Get them to demo a few for you.

Also a bit like bikes, the good news is the days of cheaper guitars being awful with poor playability and construction are past. Don’t be put off by names you haven’t heard of. A quick bit of research on the t’internet will keep you straight.

Of course, the other thing you could do is have a quiet word with the guitar teacher. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I got my first guitar (a Tanglewood - it was awful but them was the days of poor quality cheapoes) I had an actual tuning fork. Electronic tuners came out but were pricey. These days there are free apps that can do the job if you’re just playing at home. I use one by Fender.


Sorry, no idea of nylon strings classical guitars.

I just have this. Light enough (partly ‘‘hallow’’ chamber body), short enough neck scale, sensitive tremolo system/bar and good enough sounding pickups.
Neck is ok (fretboard is wider than Strats, easier to play). But needs to admit that the neck is ‘‘thick’’ vs some modern and exactly for fast playing designed necks (‘‘guitars’’) by Ibanez etc.
Another bit disturbing thing is that the guitar is close to be a bit ‘‘neck heavy’’. Not nearly as bad as Gibson SG guitars (or copies) but still a bit on that direction. Of course one will get used on that. And you can always do some modifications (if that will disturbs you too much).

Who cares what other people think, right?


Maybe this can help?

As some said Yamaha produce good affordable instruments (quality vs price). But all it depends how much money you are planning to use.

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