Are here many Adventure riders?

I noticed that for example racing riding has its own place in the forum.

I have been watching this race few times.

TT winners Michael Dunlop had big technical problems 2022 (destroying his races in Imatra), Peter Hickman rode better a year later -23, being second (in very very wet conditions). Finns have won the races last years.

But it is adventure riding which is close to my own heart.
How many have followed them for example?

I’ve followed Itchyboots a bit, as she’s from my country. Pretty exciting (and intrepid) stuff. As for your question - what defines an adventure rider? Does it have to be off road? I purchased a Tiger 1200 GT Explorer last year, as I found that at 63 I can’t do long hauls on my Speed triple in comfort anymore, so I do ride an adventure bike. I don’t (if I can help it) take it off road though, but do take it on long trips, on which I don’t usually book anything in advance. That’s adventure to me, but might not be for the next person?

Well, nothing like this :). Finns have this mad long race (end of March) … riding around their 2. biggest lake Päijänne.
Racing partly in dark hours. The 5. times Enduro World Champion ended the race after day one …

Nope, more like traveling, seeing, and facing new places. Comments about possible camping places and other places to visit. Personally ALTA’s Old Post Road (in north Norway) is off-road enough for me …

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Tiger 900 Rally Pro for me.

I must admit though that the furthest I’m likely to take it off road is a hotel gravel car park :slightly_smiling_face:

Off-road in the UK usually means small, overgrown, narrow and muddy tracks which even the Tiger 900 is too big, tall and heavy for in my opinion. Smaller, lighter bikes like the new Triumph 400X Scrambler (with proper tyres) is a better option and something to consider in the future.

That would make me an adventure rider then, I suppose! :smiley:

If you’re interested, this was my last big trip:

Oh, that is a nice bike. I could not have afford for bike that expensive right now.

As the weather here is what it is, I need a car. I bought this:

I also already own my flat/appartment :). It is very small (my dad made me a loft bed there to help a bit), but it is mine :).

Opposite I have already invested to quite nice riding gears (i think): owning 2 kind of riding shoes, 3 different gloves, 2 different jacket (one with removable liner, another for really hot days/ a Mesh-type), 2 trousers … normal one’s with removable liner and another kevlar-type jeans for hot days. For very rainy days … one piece rain protection suit and separately covers for gloves and shoes.


I think that in about 10 years, Ill be getting a tiger sport lol.