Balkans 2023

With the first biking trip of next year sorted (trailering the bikes to the Dolomites and do day trips of all the gorgeous passes with mrs. V), it’s time to think about my annnual solo trip.
I have got permission (bless mrs. V’s cotton socks ;-)) to go away for a fortnight next year, so as to be able to tick a bucketlist item which is the Transfagarasan pass in Romania. The plan is to first make my way to Dubrovnik in Croatia, via Germany and some nice passes in Austria and Slovenia, and then follow the supposedly gorgeous coastal road to Dubrovnik. From there I’ll make my way to the Transfagarasan pass via the Transalpina pass, crossing Bosnia an Servia in the process. The route back home will take me through Hungary, Slowakia, Chech republic and Germany.

So, has anybody been to these places? What not to miss, what to ignore? Ideas?

I’m massively looking forward to this, and if anybody would like to join, more than welcome!


That Croation coastal road has been on my list since I stayed about 20 minutes south of Dubrovnik. Mountains on one side and the warm, blue Adriatic on the other. Beautiful.

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That sounds like one hell of a trip. When are you going ?

That sounds as if it has the potential to be incredible!

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I’ve got the last two weeks of August pencilled in, Andy. September is no option because Jefta (the mrs.) can’t get time off due to work, and she’ll be wanting to go somewhere with friends.


I did the coastal route many times in 95-96 although not on a bike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Igrane was a lovely place to stop, Restoran Tri Volta was a fantastic place run by a pair of brothers Emile and Drago. It was during the troubles but have longed to go back and visit to see if they are still there :sunglasses:


What a fantastic trip!

Got as far as Croatia in 2009 (stopped at Bled in Slovenia on the way there), not quite as far down as Dubrovnik sadly. Spent a few days on the island of Rab, you won’t be disappointed if that’s anything to go by, we got as far south as Karlobag on the coast and then headed in land to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, well worth a visit if you have time. Then on our way back visited Pula for the ancient Roman buildings.

A few teasers…


Not sure I’d know where to start for some of these amazing trips you all go on… inspiring stuff!

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It’s easy… they usually start from home. :wink:

Ah…i always thought it was easy because they started from somewhere else!

I’ve been to Bled in the early eighties - visited the island in the lake. I thought it was beautiful.

Just get on your bike and get going! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tri Volta is still there apparently, and getting really good reviews!

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Yeah but, no but, what about but…


I went skiing to Poiana Brasov, I guess around 1992… not long after Romania opened up following the revolution… the Transylvanian region I saw was beautiful, but still pretty basic… I suspect it has significantly modernised since then

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I’d be travelling through Transsyvania - it’s supposed to be gorgeous.

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Top Gear style entertainment.
(It gets to the Transfagarasan eventually)

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Cheers! I’d seen that before, and that was actually the reason I want to go there. Before this they decided the Stelvio to Davos road was the best driving road (Jezza mentions this in the video) and Ive done that one too - it was fantastic!

That’s going to be one hell of a brilliant trip.

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