BBC presenter disgrace - Place your bets…

Huge news story… filling up tabloid, broadsheet and internet news spots!!!
Mystery Presenter that can’t currently be named…,
So place your bets here… What’s the actual news story that’s being hidden by this bullshit??? :thinking:

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Please don’t start naming who you think it is on the forum. There’s a lot of litigious people out there.

We’ll know soon enough, just reinforeces my dislike of the BBC. Glad I’m not funding them!

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They’re not the only establishment that needs a shake up, ITV is another, plus of course the cesspit that is Westminster needs flushing out too. It’s the usual scenario of a minority of despicable individuals obusing their postion of power.

As far as the OP is concerned all will no doubt be revealed at some stage, though with the police now being involved if charges are pressed we could be waiting for some time before everything is known about this. Don’t forget as far as the press are concerned this is just a story, others will be along shortly to replace it.

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As far as names go, he’s been suspended so it won’t take long for people to work it out via his absence.

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Same here, after that snivelling wretch Linaker started gobbing off, I cancelled mine and don’t miss their wokery.


It wasn’t me…my nudie pics are worth far more than £35k…probably.

Im off for a pint of Mcguiness :wink:

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That is £35k to keep them to yourself?

Will this be helpful?
Of course, no names but whoever is the presenter, he/she/they/them may not be on here!
And, lets not forget that you can self identify now so it could actually be a cat…

40m ago18.05 BST

BBC reports that letter from young person’s lawyer says claims are ‘rubbish’

The BBC has reported that the claims against an unnamed male presenter who has been suspended have been described as “rubbish” by a lawyer acting for the young person said to be involved in the case.

It quotes the letter saying:

" For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality, and the allegations reported in the Sun newspaper are rubbish."

Squeaky bum time at the Sun, I suspect…

Nah… teflon

It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve been incredibly liberal with the truth. I have a story about them but that’s for another time over a beer.

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Do you want a refund?

For faulty goods?

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No, shop soiling

Contravention of the trades description act…

4 different young people have made allegations against him now apparently…


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And the winner has been announced…