Bonneville DGR Edition

Triumph are at it again. Hipsters rejoice - you can now buy a DGR T120 to go with that tweed jacket and corduroys.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 11.40.02

…words fail me. That said, if they could chuck in a hair transplant so I can grow myself a manbun, I’m in :grinning:

Youre’re looking at this all wrong, Alan. The man-bun crowd are secretly jealous of your naked virility. :grin:

They should concentrate on giving decent colour options on standard bikes rather than fanny about with these “specials”. As per the Bond nonsense.


Couldn’t agree more!


The DGR should abandon their “bike type requirement” altogether. Twats.


In the video, they say it’s because their numbers are limited (depending on jurisdiction I guess). It’s not ideal to limit the bikes but I can see it from a certain point of view too (also depending on jurisdiction / area I guess too).

I support DGR but these gimmick limited edition bikes are pointless :roll_eyes:


Like underpants with the Simpsons on😃