Bonneville SE 865

I’m looking at buying something non Triumph, and can’t proceed without selling my current bike. 2010 Bonneville SE, good order, MOT until March 14th 2023, 10,590 miles. Genuine Triumph centre stand. I may very well p/x it but I’d like to offer it here first. Any forum members who took it would get the aftermarket seat and Norman Hyde Togas in with the deal. £3,750.00.

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…and a rack if you wanted it :slightly_smiling_face:

So what is on your mind as a replacement Alan? And by the way good luck with the sale.

Z1000SX Steve. Thought about something sensible like V Strom or Tracer, but fuck it, you’re a long time dead. :grinning:


That’s a really good buy for someone.

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Thanks Andy, l’d like to think so. No rush anyhow, work and holidays have me tied up until August, really. Plenty of Z1000s about, get a good one easily enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just been getting a few insurance quotes together…that’s knocked my duck off. :scream:


Still selling? Theres a guy on the other forum looking at a bonnie with 56k miles for 3.5k. Might point him this way if you dont mind.


If l get my price it’s for sale, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

hi there i would be the guy from another forum.
Whereabouts would you be?
could you PM me some more details of the bike.

cheers Andy


Hi mate, Nottingham, near M1 J27. I’ll be on the Santander ferry tomorrow so can l get in touch over the weekend? PM me a number and l’ll give you a ring :slightly_smiling_face:

Im either dull or sonething is missing i cant find how you send a PM.
Could send me and ill reply with my number etc

Dropped you a PM. Click/tap the user’s avatar and you’ll see a ‘message’ button now.

Well, the sale didn’t happen. He bought a 21 plate Speed Twin and I commend his choice to the house…the universe has told me this bike won’t sell, so I’m going to see what next year brings. If I can spring the coin I’ll ride it one way to Spain and me and the trouble will have a perfect bimbler for the summer. Still keen on a Z1000SZX, so again, taking the Bonnie to Spain frees up space to do that. But thanks to @Andyc1 for taking the trouble to put the bike out there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah well… a blessing in disguise perhaps

Agree. The old girl owes you nothing, so give her some tlc and ride :slightly_smiling_face:

You know if my T140 sells i would have your bike mate if it is still around.

Still got it Joe, never use it. Shame all round really :confused:

Yes if i can sell the t140. I will have that little beauty of you. I have had two enquiries but one turned out to be in Portugal and wanted me to get it ready for his courier to pick up. As if i was going to jump at that.