Bye bye Kwasi

Mr Kwarteng getting the elbow at 2pm today, Truss scapegoating again, she hired him, she “supported him 100%” last week. 37 days is a record surely :rofl: :skull: :joy:


This situation can’t go on much longer. Decisions or lack of, coupled with U turns or not, are having a direct impact on peoples lives.
Some say Boris was a clown, but now we have a circus in charge, and it’s not good for the country.


General Election

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Guardian headlines…

White woman throws black man under bus.

Boris was entertaining, Truss is effing diabolical.

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Imagine my surprise reading this post, I opened it Thinking you were shifting a Kawasaki!

Imagine Kwasi’s less surprised

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She makes Theresa May look like a great leader of our time

I bet nobody ever thought they’d be saying that :flushed:

Oh yippee … return of mr rhyming slang

Well, he was only ever a quasi chancellor. Sorry…

Come on then tory fanboys, spin this one. :smile:

In other news, l still have a ping reminding me that my parking brake isn’t right. But what can l do given the global solution? Feckin Putin.

Talk of bringing Boris back…short memories indeed, the incompetent or the liar?

It’s like the last days of the Roman empire. The Tory party looks spent to me, riven with factionalism and with a weakling of a leader. You can’t basically entrust the selection of our prime minister to around 80,000 mainly old fuckers. If they really gave a shit about the country they’d seek a mandate from the people, but let’s not hold our breath. :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure how I’ve come to reply to you @DCS222 I guess you can’t fight old age!

Party first, country second.


Someone now needs to lock her in the No.10 library with the traditional bottle of whisky and loaded revolver…
It’s a beautiful irony that two people who worship market forces have now been blown out of the water by…market forces.


Even I couldn’t pull that one off :grinning:

Anyone who thinks Boris will ever be back is delusional. Including Boris.

That’s what Kwasi said.

Oh my God, I’m delusional. Is that serious, there’s talk of him coming back??

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Apparently, though they’re supposed to be putting together a coup to put Sunak and Mordaunt in…allegedly