Calne Bike Day 2022

For those who like an event to visit can I suggest the Calne Bike Day 2022 held on 30th July 2022. The whole town is turned over to bikes and bikers. The local town council run a bikers gear storage facility for a small fee and there are many clubs attending.


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I used to live down that way many years ago. A bit far for me now.

I put a nice picture in for people to click on. :slight_smile:


My first visit five years ago I bumped into Allan Millyard on the V10 Viper bike, what a machine. He parked it up and just let everyone have a good look.


I used to work just around the corner from there too!

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Thank you for that

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Its this coming Saturday

Saturday after (oops it’s the headaches - replied twice, sorry Alfie) :anguished:

Saturday after I think Alfie (30th). I may see you there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bugger, another senior moment. I will have another go next weekend.

Having cocked up last week by being premature I will try again.

It’s a week Saturday. 30th July 2022

If anyone else is going I am not sure how we will all recognise each other. Perhaps we can walk round with a copy of the Times under our arms.

The website for the day is

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Bugger, still premature.

No surprise to Mrs Alfie :joy:

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At this rate I don’t think I will go

I have it on good authority (thank you Iron) that this coming Saturday is the Calne Bike Meet.

See above posts for website.

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Worked there 9years, rather eat my own cooking than go back

peeping over the parapets

I think it is safe for me to put my head over the parapet and let everyone know that it is the Calne Bike meet this Saturday.

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I’ll be there, I think…

I’d check if I were you… :wink:

peeping over the parapets

Its tomorrow

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