Category for maintenance, repairs and minor customisation

I was wondering about a category for maintenance, repairs and minor customisation. Things like that can act as a useful resource to people as well as being just of general interest, and they don’t seem to fit in the “Builds, Restorations and Projects” as currently described.


It’s an excellent suggestion and something I’ve been thinking about.

Over the weekend I’ve been investigating a plug-in that provides functionality more like a blog for a particular category. Forum topics get lost over time and I’ve seen some really useful and interesting posts elsewhere from @Iron, for example, that could be part of a kind of knowledgebase for people wanting to work on their bikes. We could do the same with bigger rideout and touring posts, like my Las Vegas one or the sort of thing @Sandi writes. It would be curated a bit more closely than the rest of the forum with contributors needing to explcitly provided the access right to create topics, so it doesn’t get messy. Anyone could reply, though. I need to do a bit more research, install and try out the plugin.


Yep brilliant idea!!


Yep, agreed, I could…well, I just could, so there…over…


Yes, i have a few ideas i could share and certainly things i could learn as every day is a school day. Octoberon thanks again for this site, its a breath of fresh air and i appreciate the badges.

Cheers. The badges are bit like Marmite but hopefully not too annoying for anyone.

It’ll take me a few days to get the blog-style functionality up-and-running, no later than the weekend. I need to install it and make sure it does what we need before putting it ‘live’. I 'd also like to create a Triumph knowledgebase or some sort of how-to/advice area. Not sure how that’ll work yet. One thing at a time. :slight_smile: