Climate change

So, sea level at around the First World War. How much has it actually risen in 100 years?
Asking for a “Conspiracy Theorist”…

Good question :point_up_2:t3: there’s a Sea Level rise map on Climate. Gov.

Interesting, thank you. Who is credited with this chart please?

This was in ‘just non-motorcycle photos’ so I’ve moved to its own thread. The topic can be controversial but reasonable comments and questions are perfectly fine.

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A lot can be found from reliable scientific source. Nasa, various government, etc.
And moreover some Pacific and Polynesian Island are small enough to be endangered by the sea level. Facts.
If your “friend” still think climate change is not real, yes he is a “conspiracy theorist”.

It’s really useful to have data sources known and in context. People who have an opposing view to the general consesus often don’t provide that context and cherry-pick to ‘justify’ their position. It happened notably in the other place with the long-running vaccination thread.

It’s ok to question the data, that’s what scientists do all the time, but when it strays in to dark areas of intrigue it’s just conspiracy theorists getting in a flap.

On a related note, I’m having an issue with MAG about this. Their leading message is basically denying man-made climate change, which I think undermines their their campaign to stop the ban on ICE vehicles.


No doubt climate change is happening. I’m sure humans are contributing to it even though its a natural cycle. Is making us switch to EV’s helping… not a chance! I think it will just keep accelerating it while making high up people richer. There’s that greed thing again :roll_eyes:


Like a lot of things, it’s never black or white.
In the 80’s all cities had monuments and buildings getting black due to diesel pollution.
Now véhicules are less toxic. EV vehicules are not the solution to a global issue, but it’s a real improvement.
It’s good to see city vehicules (administration, green space, post, etc) quickly replaced by EV. I can’t see how it can be wrong.

It may well help clean air in citys but overall its doing more harm on a global scale.

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Ok, but where’s the evidence/data? There is a natural cycle however, the body of evidence shows that in recent times the planet’s warming has accelerated by a considerable amount, which isn’t consistent with historical records. The trick for the climate scientists is unpicking that data, but they’ve been doing if for over 30 years so probably have it about right.

Of course people will make money out of it but it’s another thing entirely to say they’re driving the climate agenda.

Not a scientific paper but I offer this by way of illustration. (Get ready for a lot of scrolling.) :slight_smile:

I read an article the other day which all things accounted for, EV’s were around 30% more damaging to the environment. As for statistics and figures, they can say what you want them to say. For example, China is the worst polluter on the planet… China (per capta) is the most environmentally friendly country on the planet.

You just made a statement with a statistic then said you can’t trust statistics. :slight_smile:

it doesn’t make sense dismiss all data as potentially biased and untrustworthy. Depending on the way they’re used, yes, but the original papers will be peer reviewed and set against other studies.

an extension of “show your sources” “I don’t believe that, your sources are manipulated” :grinning:

Yes true, but I only believe what I want to… another human trait :rofl:
But I do believe EV’s are making the problem worse, climate activists seem to focus on what comes out the exhaust, not what it takes to build them.


The moon is moving further away from the earth at a rate of 1” per year… I blame those bl##dy Liechtensteinians!!!
Does that help or hinder sea level?

We’re also moving away from the sun as it loses mass so it should be getting colder. It’s all a hoax!

I’m not in denial of climate change and the fact that humans are influencing it.
My children and grandchildren will suffer that change I have no doubt.
But I also accept there are other influences at play long before man added to it. So even if we do the right thing (doubtful IMO) will it make a diffence?

Couple of hundred thousand years and my house will be beachfront-again yay!

Oh, it’s real enough, like it has been throughout the planet’s history. Just don’t swallow all the stuff that government and business throw at you to get you out of your car and eating grass and insects. Question it ALL and follow the money…