Comments required from a Scottish person please!

My mate just sent me this route for a jolly around Dumfries etc.

What are the thoughts of locals? @Dave49 I believe you are in the area. Cheers

Just going out for the day now (not on the bike, boo), so can’t give a detailed reply before tonight, but early thoughts are that the route is going round the periphery of D&G and missing most of the best bits in the middle. In particular, much of the Ayrshire route in the north is pretty undistinguished. Will comment more later.

I’m not Scottish and nowhere near as well qualified as @Dave49 to advise. But I have been through the area quite a bit and these are some of my favorite roads, and they are stunning! There are also loads I have not seen yet but these are usually my first priority whenever I’m passing through.


Excellent recommendations there, Andy.

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Cheers @Dave49 a nd @Andyc1 I will pass comments on to my tour organiser!

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How long are you allowing for this trip?

Absolutely nothing planned yet Dave. Won’t be until next year I think. Any tips on things to see, places to stay etc gratefully accepted :grinning:

That’s good. If you’re not trying to rush round it like maniacs, you’ll have time to see more interesting places and routes. I’ll be too late home to write anything tonight, but I’ll get some suggestions together in the next couple of days.

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Brilliant Dave thanks :+1:
Dumfries is only about 2hours from home so I imagine we would travel up and do so much on first day then meander as we wish. Thanks again :blush:

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Apologies for my long delay in replying to @Dawsy’s request for a few ideas for places and roads worth visiting in Dumfries and Galloway. I haven’t tried to devise a route for you: I’m sure you’ll have fun working one out for yourself, plus I haven’t got an app or programme to do it on – I’m strictly a paper map man myself.

The first thing to say is that @Andc1’s recommended route includes some really excellent roads and scenery. Other nice roads are the A713 between Castle Douglas and Dalmellington, the A712 from Crocketford to Balmacellan, the minor road westwards from Laurieston to Gatehouse of Fleet, and all the roads leading to or from Moniaive (pronounced Monny-ive). In fact, it’s well worth making a point of working Moniaive into several of your routes, as it’s a fairly remote and pretty village in itself and all its roads go through some stunning scenery in every direction.

The Dalveen, Mennock and Crawick passes westwards from the M74 to Nithsdale are all well known. To get to them from the south, you can avoid the M74, as the gloriously empty old A74 runs alongside it nearly all the way from Gretna. The A708 from Moffat towards Selkirk is another good but twisty one, taking it as far as St Mary’s Loch, and then turning west along the Megget and Talla Reservoirs and back by the A701 from Tweedsmuir.

The coast road A710 and A711 southwards and westwards from Dumfries to Kirkcudbright has some excellent views across the Firth towards the Cumbrian Mountains. The most direct route westwards from Dumfries is, of course, the A75, but it’s busy with lorry traffic and sometimes speed traps.

I’m not too excited myself by the Machars – the large triangle of quiet farmland between Wigtown Bay and Luce Bay, but the Rhins – the long narrow peninsula in the bottom left hand corner – has some spectacular sea views.

Anyway, I hope that’s a few ideas for your trip. Revisiting some of my own posts from last summer might help with some photos of some of these routes. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy your tour.


Cheers Dave. I will pass on the recommendations to our Tour Organiser :motorcycle::+1:

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Would recommend you take the ferry from Cairnryan to Belfat or Larne Ireland.

Took train from Glasgow to Stranraer by Cairnryan once some good views along the northwest coast. Haven’t seen the southern coast on that route. Ferry crossing is only couple hours to Ireland.

While you’re in Scotland other good cities to visit are Fort William, Oban, Inverness, and Aberdeen.

Ireland could be another time :+1:
Been to all those places except Aberdeen, and one of the lads family is from there so definitely a possibility

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I was there once for a seminar, and didn’t like it that much. Apart from D&G, my favourite area is Argyll, where I used to sail.


Aye those are good waters, haven’t been sailing there myself but have taken ferry from Oban to the Isle of Mull on the way to Iona/Erraid that is also a good route. May be better/less expensive to take motorbikes on that little ferry boat rather then the crossing to Ireland, that ship is mostly for shipping containers.



Isle of Man?

Are there good ferry connection to that small island? Cheap or expensive? How many hours?

There are ferries from Liverpool and Heysham in Lancashire twice a day I think. Depending on the ship, crossings take between 2-4 hours give or take. Prices rise very steeply for TT and Manx GP festivals.
It’s a lovely place any time but the TT experience is awesome!
LOL 0:27 … just like David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) drinking a beer?

I have seen Michael Dunlop and Peter Hickman racing in Finland. Still not in the same time/same year.