Creaking brake caliper

One of my front brake calipers creaks when I apply brakes, and I can feel it in disk if I pinch it when applying them, I’m guessing mounting sliders or something is sticking. I’m due to replace wheel and do brake pads, so hopefully a good clean and grease will sort thing, but in case not, anyone idea what it might be? I would attach a recording but this forum only seems to take pictures.

Are they floating discs? Cleaning the mounting bobbins periodically is always time well spent. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, but not floating disks. Calipers are the sort with pistons on one side only and the whole caliper slides on two pins. I’m guessing those pins may be stuck (hopefully not a piston) :fearful:.


Today I replaced the brake pads and the old ones on the creaky side were worn more at one end, so presumably there was less pressure at other and the creaking was from the brake trying to twist things.

The caliper seemed to slide but after pulling it off the pins and cleaning and greasing things it slid a little more easily. The two pistons were spotless after 10 seconds with soapy water and they came out evenly when I applied pressure on the lever, so nothing seized there.

The retaining pin for the pads, the pressure plate they bear on at the other end, and the anti chatter spring, were all very dirty and corroded (as they always are). To explain the asymmetric pad wear it would need something like the pad not sliding on the pressure plate. I cleaned and polished those items and applied a thin smear of copper-slip.

I did both sides the same and there’s no creaking so hopefully it’s now sorted. Test ride tomorrow…


A comprehensive service @BrownMouse . Hope the test ride goes well tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, it did. :slight_smile: