Essentials Guide for New Users

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This guide is for those who just want a quick understanding about the forum. It’s the bare essentials to get you going. Have a quick read and dive straight in if you want to. When you want to find out more about how the forum works, read the Quick Start Guide.

What the forum is about

Mostly Triumph motorcycles but lots of us own or like other bikes so we’re not exclusive.

How to post something

If you’re using a computer, click the blue button, bottom right.

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If you’re using a mobile or tablet, tap the New Topic button.


Be aware that members are assigned to a trust level based on how they use the site. Basically, more use = higher trust level. Promotion is automatic based on certain criteria. If you find you can’t do something it may be because of a restriction due to your level. Have a look at the post on trust levels to find out more, or just ask.

Make sure you log in, even if you’re just browsing the forum, as it contributes to your trust level.

Know where to post

Check out the Categories view and post in the most appropriate place. For off-topic stuff, use the Speakeasy. If you post in the wrong place, don’t worry about it. It can be moved to the right spot. The admin may split a topic if it strays too far from the original subject.

Acceptable content

We’re adults so there’s no restriction on language but don’t be gratuitous. If you want to see naked or scantily clad women/men/other, try PornHub. Disagree with opinions all you want but don’t be abusive to other members.

Say hello

Why not create your first post in the New Members section? Tell us something about you and what you ride, and post a photo of your bike. You’ll get a warm welcome!

More help is available

Take a look at the Guides & FAQs section. Post in Tech Support or PM @Octoberon if you have a question.

Anything else?

Supplementing the forum there’s also: