2024 Photo Competition Entry Rules

The 2024 photo competition is quite different to last year's. Please read the competition rules before entering to avoid disappointment.

This year there are eight different subject categories in which you can enter. There won't be a calendar made from the competition entries this time so there's no restrictions on photo dimensions or resolution other than the standard ones for the forum. This also means there's no requirement to send an original copy of your photo to the forum email account.

Voting will take place after the closing date for entries. There will be two rounds of voting. The first round will be to find the winning photo in each category. All the category winners will then go head-to-head to determine the overall winner. Full details below in the Voting and Adjudication section.

The closing date for entries is 30th November 2024.

Photo Categories

The 2024 photo competition will accept entries in eight categories. Forum members may enter the competition by starting a new thread containing their photo entry in the appropriate section. See the entry rules section below for full details.


Shots that convey a sense of movement, dynamism or excitement. Should include a motorcycle.

Now That's Funny!

Amusing images related to people and their motorcycles. Motorcycle in shot is optional for this category. Making people laugh isn't

For The Riders

This category is about the people who ride bikes. It can be the entrant or anyone else. Doesn't require a motorcycle to be in the shot.

Wear the Fox Hat

Unusual places to find a motorcycle and/or a rider. We're looking for raised eyebrows and the 'wow' factor here. Do not attempt to ride your motorcycle up Ben Nevis.

My Old Flame

Pictures of your past two-wheeled sweethearts. Maybe your first bike all those years ago, or maybe the one you shed a tear for when you sold it yesterday. Tell us why loved it to tug at the voter's heartstrings.

Ride the World

Pictures from your travels. The further and the more exotic the location the better. Add some backstory for more votes (probably).

Only Triumphs

Any part of a Triumph or whole Triumphs. As long as it came out of a Triumph factory, it's in. Get creative.

Not Only Triumphs

Like the Only Triumphs category but without any vestige of a Triumph in sight. ---


Category winners will each receive a £10 Sportbikeshop voucher.*

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 18.35.57

The overall winner will win a £50 Sportsbikeshop voucher.*

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 18.41.02

Delivery charges for the main and runners-up prizes will be covered by the forum but if a winner is outside the UK they will be required to pay any import duty.

*If there isn’t a Sportsbikebike shop in your country we’ll sort out an equivalent.

Entry Rules

The competition is open to any member of the Triumph Motorcycle Forum at Basic level or above.

In addition to the competition rules, photos must comply with the usual forum acceptance guidelines.

The closing date for entries is midnight UK time (GMT) on 30th November 2024.

Forum members may enter a maximum of three photos in any particular category. There are eight categories so the maximum number of photos that can be entered in to the competition by any single member is twenty-four.

Some photos may be applicable to more than one category. It's up to the entrant to decide which one to enter it under but the forum admin reserves the right to challenge an entry if it isn't in keeping with the category into which it's entered.

An entrant may reassign their photo(s) to a different category at any time up to the closing date for entries.

An entrant may remove or replace any of their photos up to the closing date for entries.

Not all categories require a motorcycle to be in shot (see category descriptions) but all entries must maintain a motorcycling theme.

All photo entries must be at the top of the first post in a new thread. Provide a relevant description in the thread title. You may add text below the photo in the same post, and other members can reply in the same thread. Additional photos posted in the same thread will not be eligible for the competition.

Entrants are not required to email a copy of their photos in this year’s competition.

New or replacement entries will not be accepted after the closing date.

Your photo must have been taken by the member entering the competition unless a) the entrant is the subject of the photo or b) it is in the Old Flame category. Either way, the entrant must be the principal owner of the photo.

Photos taken before the competition start are eligible for entry.

Any sort of photographic equipment, lenses or filters may be used. Use of drones or other remote equipment is permitted.

Photos may be cropped and digitally improved to remove spots, scratches or other blemishes, adjusting white balance or hue etc. Filters may be used but overall they must remain representative of the original shot. Adjudication will be made by an independent professional photographer if necessary.

The subject of the photo does not have to be owned by the photographer but ask permission if appropriate.

Photos must not depict anyone in a dangerous situation or be taken in a hazardous location.

If you take a photograph in a private location you must have permission, if necessary.

You retain the copyright of your photo entry but give permission for reproduction on the forum and for forum merchandise or promotional material.

Forum administrators and moderators are not eligible to enter the competition. Professional photographers are also not eligible. For the purposes of the competition, a professional photographer is considered to be someone who earns more than half their income from photography.

Voting and Adjudication

There will be two rounds of voting.

Round one (for category winners) will open at midnight on 1st December 2024 and close at midnight on 14th December.

Round two (for the overall winner) will open at midnight on 15th December 2024 and close at midnight on 22nd December.

All times are GMT.

The winning photo in each round will be the one with most votes from the forum membership. If there is a tie for the winner in a category, the tied entries will all go through to the second round.

Members may vote for a maximum of three entries in each category in round one.

Each member will have a single vote in the second round to determine the overall competition winner.

Votes may be reallocated at any time before the closing deadline.

Entrants to the competition may not vote for their own photos. If an entrant votes for their own photo and does not remove the vote on request, that entry may be disqualified.

In the event of a tie for the main prize there will be a 24 hour run-off vote between the tied entries to select the winner. If there is a still a tie for first place after the run-off the winner will be selected by an independent professional photographer.

Winners will be announced on the forum.

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