Photo Competition

And...action! Shots that give a sense of movement, dynamism or excitement. Should include a motorcycle. Now that's funny! Amusing images related to people and their motorcycles. Motorcycle in shot is optional for this category. Making people laugh isn’t. For the riders People who ride bikes. It can be you or anyone else. Doesn’t require a motorcycle to be in the shot. Only Triumphs All or any part of a Triumph. If it came out of a Triumph factory, it’s in. Ride the world Away from home. The further and the more exotic the location the better. Add some back story for more votes (possibly). Not only Triumphs Like the Only Triumphs category but without any bit of a Triumph in sight. If it came from a Triumph factory, it’s out. My old flame Pictures of your lost two-wheeled sweethearts. Maybe your first bike all those years ago, or maybe the one you shed a tear for when you sold it last week. Tell us why you loved it to tug at the voters’ heartstrings. Wear the fox hat Unusual places to find a motorcycle and/or a rider. We’re looking for raised eyebrows and the ‘wow’ factor, here. Do not attempt to ride your motorcycle up Ben Nevis.
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2 69 17 February 2024
1 71 31 March 2024
2 110 18 February 2024