Forum Upgrade (Discourse v3.0) - New Features Now Live!

The recent major upgrade to the forum software came with some significant new features. These are now enabled for all users.

This post will let you know what’s changed and give just a brief description. There are new user guides that explain the features in more detail and show you how to use them.

Customisable Sidebar

The ‘hamburger’ menu that was between the search icon and your avatar has moved to the left of the page, next to the forum logo… Clicking this will pop out the new sidebar that contains the following sections:

  • Community. Quick access to commonly frequented links

  • Categories. Shortcuts to top level categories and the event calendar

  • Tags. An alternate way to find posts you may want to read.

  • Messages. Makes your PMs accessible in a similar way to email. You can send a new PM from here, too. The sidebar has default contents that I’ve set up but you can customise it to your own preference.

User guide

Notifications Menu

When you click your avetar you’ll see the new notfications menu. This makes it easier to decide which notifications need your attention now and which ones can be dismissed or be saved for later. There are tabs for each type of notification so when you’re looking for a recent reply but have gotten a few more recent likes and mentions, you can find them easily without navigating away from the current page.

User guide

User Status

The new User Status feature allows you to set a custom status message and emoji. Once set, the message will be shown next to your avatar on posts,.

New User Tips

New members will be introduced to the forum with user tips to show them a few of the most important features as they encounter them for the first time.

Other changes

  • Expanded tags are coming over the next few days. More targeted tags so users see content with a common element from different categories in one list.

  • The Ridouts and Touring sub-categories have been merged in to Touring and Rideouts.

  • Categories have been re-ordered and colours resequenced. If you use the Categories view you’ll notice some have moved around. This was to provide some login to the default Categories list in the new sidebar.

  • A few tweaks to the category descriptions will be happening this weekend.