Notifications Menu

The notification menu has been given a makeover with the latest version of the forum software (Discourse 3.0). You access the menu by clicking on your avatar at the top of the screen. Here’s an example of the new menu.

pasted image 0

The old menu was just a big list with every type of notification in there. To help you find what you want to see, the types of notifications are now listed down the right side of the menu. Clicking an icon filters the list to just that notification type. Clicking any entry in the list still takes you to the specific information (posts etc) for which you got the notification.

Lines highlighted in blue haven’t been read yet. Similarly, a blue dot next to the icon on the right means there are posts, likes etc that are unread. So you can easily see what’s new for you.

The icon at the bottom of the list is not for a notification type, it shows you a set of shortcuts.

The top entry, Set custom status, allows users to set a status emoji and message that is displayed across the app.

Once set, the message will be shown next to your avatar on posts and your user card.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 22.14.38

Options from Summary to Preferences are convenient shortcuts to commonly viewed parts of the member page.

Pause notifications shows a list of options to schedule how long to pause your notification.

Finally, Log Out does exactly what it says.