French Trip

Tuesday 9th @Wessa and me set off on our trip to France. We met up at the Shell services at the junction of the A49 & A556 then rode down to our hotel in Bournemouth. We avoided motorways and stuck to A roads which made the journey much more pleasurable. The weather was mixed with plenty of showers, some heavy, but overall it wasn’t too bad. I’m typing this lying on my bed sipping JD honey and trying to stay awake. Didn’t take any pictures but here’s a few that Steve took.
Me having a cup of tea opposite some airfield where they store scrap airliners. I think it was Cotswold Airfield.

We arrived at the hotel quite late about 6:00pm, had a beer and a meal in the hotel restaurant.

The other picture is our chicken Caesar salads that had no parmesan.

Day 2 and we set off early for the 8:30am ferry from Poole to Cherbourg.

Once onboard we dumped our gear in our cabin and went for a very ordinary cooked full English. Most of the rest of the voyage was spent snoozing. We got a speedy exit from the ferry and Cherbourg port and were soon speeding towards our first B&B stop near Dinan . We started off on the N roads but eventually came onto some really nice scenic D roads. Our stop for the night was about 50 metres from a nice bar.

After having several beers, a chap came in and put three pizzas on the table so Steve asked where he got them from. When we got to the pizza place it turned out to be a proper restaurant so we ended up having steaks and they cook them over the wood fire.

This is the church next to our B&B. Fortunately the bells do not ring all night.


Have a good safe trip, gents😀

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Now that’s a steak!


These are the sorts of posts that make it difficult to be enthusiastic about work tomorrow.

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At least you don’t have to leave the house :innocent:

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Day one to Bournemouth. Yes I am on the road trip lol. Here are a few more pictures of our journey.

We started of with great intention to eat healthy, it did not last.


Day two to the first hotel.
As Andy says we blasted down the motorway for a spell before hitting some good D roads.

The steaks cooked on the fire were excellent. The hotel was really nice and comfortable. Breakfast set us up for the next part of our journey.


Yes the steaks were slightly on the tough side but very very tasty :yum::yum:.


Day three onwards to Quimper. We hit the N176 to clear some early miles and to get us the some really good roads. And boy were they good.

Downtown Quimper was buzzing. Being as we found a bar on the road and had a 4 course meal at lunchtime, we just had a sandwich to go with some 1664, nice.


For a minute I thought Andy’s license plate said “Plonker”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Brilliant :grinning:

Squint and between the pair of them they make “devine plonker”

Day 3
Had a lovely breakfast at the B&B in the village of Meillac then set off for Quimper. Started off on some N roads to knock off some kilometres then got onto some very good D roads. The routes we had were taken from Ride magazine which Steve edited to suit our needs. We stopped at a bar out in the middle of nowhere and were met by a right grumpy looking barman with a deformed face. When asked if he did sandwiches he replied “NON”. When I asked for a coca cola sans sucre he replied “NON”.
Then he started to speak good English and tell us we could have a four course meal for 14 Euros so we had that. He turned out to be a great bloke making jokes and my veal casserole was fantastic.
Anyway I’ll let Steve tell you more about today.
Here are some pictures.

Just a few pics of some of the views and towns we passed through.

At the end he (chef/barman) could’ve said “non veal”…
Can’t see many cats on your pics… :grinning: :grinning:

Day 4. We set off from Quimper for Saint Nazaire. We were knackered initially as my satnav decided to quit on me (it ran out of battery?). Andy’s satnav had been playing up all week, so we decided to plot for the hotel in Saint Nazaire, well that just took us out on the motorway. After an hour or so we stopped at a services and my satnav came alive so we set it to pickup a way point on our original route. Deep joy back on soon me decent roads.

We stopped for some lunch, a lovely burger and chips, before getting on our way. We arrived at our hotel and unpacked and went down to the beach for a beer. On the way back to our hotel we found a Portuguese restaurant, so decided on a meal. Well the chicken was awesome, but the chips were disgusting.

Anyway a good day was had, so not to worry about the evening meal.


Been waiting for this cheers for posting. Looks like a great time .


Jupiler is a great beer assuming its not just the glass. Thanks for posting your experience thus far I love France never been on a bike trip overseas before.


Looks like you’re having a great time guys.


Yes we are, as you know Wim, the French countryside and roads are not to be sniffed at and the food ain’t too shabby either.
A few more pics from day four.

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