Fu#£ed ecu

Think I’ve screwed the ecu during a remap. The laptop disconnected at 12%.

Bike won’t start.

What are the options?

Please…no finger wagging…I’m already feeling the pain…now looking for silver linings …

Thanks :pray:

Was this via TuneECU? If so it should be recoverable. It’s VERY important to ensure battery voltage remains high during a flash - and I guess any recovery attempts, provide an additional supply via a substantial car battery and also pulling fuse on headlights.
There’s plenty of posts on other forums and seems plenty succeeded, not always at first attempt.
So fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
Let us know how you get on.


Thanks @Col_C yes… Battery on a charger. Saved the original map. Readied the new map…

Started the load from laptop to bike…

All going fine…then at 12% error message came up saying that tuneECU can not detect the ECU (or something).

Bike wouldn’t start after that. Lights come in etc but no “noises”; so assumed the ECU is dead or damaged as the old map is replaced by a corrupted one.

ANY suggestions/links/help/guidance from this point would be very gratefully received.

Or…need a replacemt ECU?

Return to carburettors anyone?


Here you go

Thank you @PatW that will certainly be my fallback…

I would be eager to hear more of these rumors(?) I’m hearing about “recovery”…if anyone can shed any light?

Or …just get a replacement and be blowed?

Yeah, really helpful. :angry:

Did you make a copy of the original map before the interrupted remap? If not may be download it from the TuneECU library.
Have you reconnected TuneECU since and can it still recognise/connect to the ecu?
If it can I believe it should offer a restore option.

I’ve remapped with TuneECU may be half a dozen times over the years but without error, so I can’t offer advice from first hand experience, hence suggesting a good Google search.

I would suggest buying another ecu is unlikely to be a simple plug and play solution, so worth persevering with recovery. The TuneECU guys are quite approachable so might be worth contacting them directly.

What model and year bike are we talking about?

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Instructions for recovery (cable only) are quite a way down on this page.

Not trying to be unhelpful. I knew very well that others who understand that sort of thing would be along soon with constructive advice. I was just hinting that bikes nowadays are getting too complicated for their own good, or for simple folk like me to fix any more.

Chaps, let’s all be friends.

I took the jibe in good humour.

2010 1050.abs.

Yes, original map on laptop.

It’s actually at a friend’s …he is the expert. He’s done it dowzens of times without issue…don’t laugh :joy:… This time I wanted to use MY crap laptop “teach a man to fish etc”… And it was that crap hardware that flaked out causing the issue… I will pass all the advice on to my chum…as “he knows what he’s doing” (as it were…)…

All I’m trying to do is iron out the snatchy low speed throttle …

Thanks, Daniel, it was certainly meant in good humour. I hope your friend can sort it OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I take Daves point, they are getting increasingly difficult for the home mechanic.

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Only thing I can suggest is disconnect the bikes battery for a couple of hours and see if that helps. It is strange that changing the bikes fuelling parameters (albeit badly) can stop the bike even attempting to start.

If you change the ECU, it may still need “coding” to your bike, eg keys etc.

Which is exactly why programs like TuneECU attempt to provide owners with the necessary tools.

Agreed but software is not going to fix a sealed or burnt out component, chuck it away and buy££££ another :wink:

Continued thanks all.

It is also why, I guess we are also told “don’t mess with this sh#t”! I did…so i’s entirely on me…

Useful info about “coding”…I will bear that in mind.

Alas, it wasn’t “a new fuel map” per-se…it was half way through a load…and then laptop failed… That from an “IT pov” is it was in the middle of over-writing the current program…and replaced it with what is now, in effect, a defunct one. The fact it is defunct means the bike/ecu doesn’t start up…and as the ecu doesn’t start up, we cant download a new map (or revert to original).

I am hoping it isn’t “burned”…just got a corrupt map on it…and now (somehow) need to get a working one on it…

At this point I would be speaking to a proper experienced bike mechanic, over the phone maybe. Its amazing what turning up at the back door of a workshop with a bag of pies can do.

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Can you at least talk to the bike? Sounds like you can (Limited) ?

Thanks…that will certainly be 5he next step, if the “restore” option doesn’t work…